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Colombia's Cowboy Region: Los Llanos


About two hours from Yopal, in the Casanare department, I visited Los Llanos, my favorite place for wildlife observation on my trip to Colombia. At Los Llanos, I got to take part in and learn about ranch life with cattle herds, horses, cowboy culture and typical meals of the area. The local economy depends on cattle raising and agriculture and here you have the opportunity to experience life in los hatos (extensive plains of grassland) and search for a variety of wildlife such as deer, large groups of capybaras, caimans, wild pigs, anteater, red-footed tortoises, foxes, armadillos and much more. Here you can have unforgettable days out in the plains on wildlife safari's that end with spectacular sunsets. 

For those who like bird watching, this is a bird paradise! (Also read out blog Birding in Colombia) I was able to count over 2 dozens of species in one single pond. You can find colorful birds such as the scarlet Ibis, the Jaribu stork, my favorite, roseate spool bill, Orinoco goose, motmots and lots of other species. The starry nights are amazing too! And when you combine it with luxury tents, great gastronomy, outstanding service, bonfire dinners and endless sundowners all in the middle of nowhere, it because so special!

Los Llanos would be the perfect extension to add on to any of our Colombia trips or I could also create a custom trip to Llanos. Give us a call at 800-345-4453 for more information and check out more of my trip photos below.

Grettel Calderon

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