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Luggage Tag Contest | Winning Alaska Photo of Whales


We had so many wonderful photos submitted for our alumni luggage tag contest - we chose this photo, by Laura P. from her family's adventure in Alaska, because it really shows the size and immensity of the whales and what you can experience in Alaska. Here is how this photo came about:

This was my family's first "adventure" trip and we all had an absolute fabulous time! I took this picture while on a skiff boat tour. We were very fortunate to have our cruise boat anchored where several whales were doing an orchestrated "bubble net feeding". It was our first time experiencing this and we were SO SO close to them! Through this whole experience, which was about 1 hour, I kept saying this is "crazy amazing!!" I took many pictures during our trip to Alaska, and I treasure all of them. What a great trip! - Laura P.

Ready to plan a trip to Alaska? Give us a call at 800-345-4453 or see all of our trips to Alaska.

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