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Luxury Resort, Arenal Nayara, Opens Sloth Sanctuary


Arenal Nayara, a luxury resort near the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, has always been a favorite of mine, but it just got even better; or should I say slower? A leader in conservation, the resort has been planting Cepropia trees, the main food source for the resident sloths and overtime the sloth population has grown from 2 to 12! With so many of the endangered creatures in their backyard, they started a sloth sanctuary so visitors can learn about and visit with these incredible creatures.

Sloths in Costa Rica have become endangered due to land encroachment as more and more of the jungle is developed and forested. The slowest moving mammals in the world, sloths have been largely ignored in the past but have recently had a boost in popularity due to trends in pop culture. Now everyone wants to get close to these odd, incredible creatures that seem to always be smiling.

Only found in parts of Central and South America, sloths may look similar to monkeys but they are actually related to armadillos and anteaters. They move slowly because they have incredibly slow metabolisms; it takes 31 days for a sloth to digest a leaf! They sleep for 20 hours a day, hanging in the trees from their incredibly strong front legs. To learn more about sloths, read my blog, 10 fun facts about sloths... keep calm, slow down, and enjoy!

Besides the sloth sanctuary, Arenal Nayara also offers a wide range of other activities for all types of adventurers. Located on a rise with a spectacular view of Arenal Volcano, the resort is surrounded by a natural paradise; perfect for exploring the region and enjoying down time in nature. Each large bungalow provides ample space and privacy including a backyard, outdoor shower and private front balcony. It's the perfect place to leave everything behind, slow down, and live Pura Vida. (What is Pura Vida? Read more here.)

If you want to experience the sloth sanctuary or Nayara Resort, check out our Costa Rica Active Family Adventure or Pacuare Costa Rica Adventure. Don't hesitate to give me a call with any questions about Costa Rica!

Keeping it wild,

Grettel Calderon

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