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Madagascar Here We Come!


The time has come!

You've been waiting and now I am super enthusiastic to announce that we are launching a new trip to the world's fourth largest island, Madagascar!

This island is a continent apart from anywhere else I have been in Africa. Nearly all of the lemurs, chameleons, geckos, flowers, and trees are found only in this little corner of the world.

Our new 12-day itinerary, Madagascar - Land of Lemurs, is what adventure is all about – journeying to a faraway land and coming face to face with a strange, beautiful and captivating place that's home to amazing creatures, unusual plants, and intriguing cultures.

Madagascar Webinar

I hosted a 30-minute webinar on travel to Madagascar recently that you can watch below to learn more about this incredible island.

 Also, you're going to LOVE this short video I made from my recent trip to Madagascar. Warning - This video includes lots of cute lemurs...

If you have any questions about our new trip to Madagascar, travel to Africa, or just want to talk travel please feel free to contact me.

You friendly safari expert,

Chris Moriarty

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