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Make it YOUR Wildland Adventure!

Make it YOUR Wildland Adventure!

Wildland Adventures offers many small group departures, but did you know that nearly all of our trips are flexible and can be customized for just you, your spouse, your family or a private group of friends?  After all, this is YOUR adventure; we use our expertise to provide options and make recommendations that may enhance an already great trip and make it a more perfect experience for you!

One of our most popular trips through Patagonia, the Best of Patagonia, is a perfect example of this with flexible options already built in to the itinerary. All travelers are given the choice to stay at the Patagonia Camp in Torres del Paine or upgrade to Explora Patagonia, located within the National Park.  The two lodges are both exceptional in their own way but we leave it up to you to decide which price point and experience is the best fit for you.

While staying at EOLO lodge for three nights, our guests can choose from three ways to explore the Perito Moreno Glacier and have a choice between horseback riding and hiking at a local estancia or kayaking among icebergs on Lago Argentina. We're all about making this YOUR perfect trip and travelers return to us time and again because of our flexibility and willingness to adapt a certain itinerary to their particular preferences and interests. 

Parker & Lora on a beautiful day at Los Torres!


Parker and Lora Mason recently returned from exploring Patagonia with us and shared the following trip highlights:

"The trip was wonderful! You were right to recommend Explora, which blew us away. My biggest anxiety (not realized thankfully) was that the trip was going to be a downer after Explora, but Eolo was delightful, and the Upsala Kayaking trip was a highlight. Buenos Aires was a lovely surprise.

We did the 3 big 'W' treks at Torres del Paine - in order, French Valley, Grey Glacier, and the towers - and loved them all. We had great weather and not too much wind, but found the flora in French valley quite interesting, and while signs of the fire are obvious, it was great. Watching (and listening to) the avalanches from the British camp lookout was mesmerizing.

On the Upsala kayak trip, our group was passing a large iceberg about the size of four tractor-trailers (two stacked on top of two, but irregularly shaped of course). When it cracked, a big hunk fell off, then the whole thing started to roll. One we knew we were safe, it was magical.

I will never forget standing in front of a former 'torture house' under the Pinochet regime in Santiago, looking at the stones placed in memory of the missing young people...a few who were the same age as our older daughter.

The first glimpse of Grey Glacier and the Southern Patagonia ice Field from the top of the ridge is a heart stopper. (Near photo 1 below).

We will never, ever, ever have a room with a view like the one from Explora.  We’ll be back with Wildland soon!"  

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Kirsten Gardner
Patagonia Program Director 



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