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Make Your Next Adventure More Romantic

How to make Your Next Adventure More Romantic

Adventure travel is the perfect domain for romance, intimacy, and connection. Anne and I have been on a rhumba around the world for over 30 years and have some suggestions guaranteed to make your next twosome a journey full of enchanting memories to last a lifetime together. The planning and anticipation of our next adventures (right now we are working on Baja, the Dolomites, India, and Africa) brings a spark to life at home. And once the adventure begins the payoff of a well-planned trip brings us closer together and deeper in love. Discovering new and unexpected experiences as a couple, sharing solace in nature, and making indelible bonds with new friends puts us into the flow of life. Heeding each new call to adventure with some thoughtful design makes every journey an opportunity to discover the truth and beauty of who we are as individuals and as a loving couple. I hope our romantic travel tips keep you young and your relationship alive!

It Takes Two to Tango

Before you book, know what you both want to experience. These conversations build anticipation and in new relationships, it's an opportunity to learn more about one another. In our case, after 30 years of marriage and travel together, we know each other well, although sometimes Anne still has to tame this tiger. So, if I want to go surfing or mountain biking it's important to be back to join her for lunch, a couple's massage and a sunset walk on the beach together.

Surprise Her!
It doesn't need to be Valentine's Day or your anniversary to plan special surprises. However, since our anniversary is on Valentine's Day, I've become adept at planning memorable surprises. Far too many romantic travelers place all the emphasis on manufacturing typical romantic moments and the adventure gets lost. In India, I had a wedding dress made for Anne (after I measured her in her sleep and sent the order ahead) and planned a surprise party in the desert complete with camel carts, a Rajasthani band, fire dancers, drinks and dinner under the stars, and a traditional exchange of marigold leis. Video: Surprise Anniversary Gala in India
Let Adventure Drive Your Passion
Consider what fun romantic activities you both enjoy. On our Costa Rica anniversary, we rafted downriver to the luxury Pacuare Lodge where we hiked in the rainforest and arranged a private lunch for two on a tree-top platform 100 ft up in the rainforest canopy.
Disconnect To Reconnect
Most of us focus on too much screentime and not enough eye-gazing. Travel to wild places and let nature distract your collective attention to be present with each other. This has to be one of the simplest and yet most profound benefits of being bathed in nature together.
Show Your Love
There are always opportunities to make your trip more romantic by ordering up a champagne rose-petal bath on safari or a private candlelit dinner in the bush. But ask Anne how I can show my love more and her reply is, "Give compliments!" When we're on adventures together achieving new heights, overcoming fears, and discovering more about ourselves the high fives and compliments flow abundantly.
Lodging for Lovers
The world is full of all-inclusive resorts, but hidden love nests are guaranteed to arouse a spark of passion that is not so easy to find at home. Whether it's a treetop ecolodge in Costa Rica, sipping Chilean wine in an outdoor jacuzzi at Patagonia Camp or dancing with the Tuareg around the fire under the stars in a remote desert camp in Sahara. Searching for the most romantic accommodations is a great way to start planning your amorous adventure.
Don't Over Schedule
Trying to see and do as much as possible can be fatal to romance on holiday. Leave time in your itinerary for spontaneity and discovery, two of the most essential ingredients in a flourishing relationship. The excitement of stepping into an unplanned outing together can create a new chapter in your life and that is a recipe for jubilation and passion!

​I hope our tips sparked your desire and ready to make your next adventure more romantic. Wildland Adventures has plenty of romantic travel itineraries that we can easily customize to fit your style of travel. In addition, we can plan your custom trip from the ground up working one-on-one with our destination experts. 

Keeping it wild and romantic,

Kurt Kutay
Wildland President

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