Meet Yamaan Safady, Petra Trekking Guide Extraordinaire

A short retrospective in pictures, video and words from our travelers on our Bedouin Trek to Petra
Our Petra trek group with Bedouin staff in camp.
I loved the Feynan Ecolodge in the Dana Reserve! Beautiful location, ambience, a great way to start the trek. Magic. A perfect introduction.  Also the wadi rum permanent camp was a fantastic memory.
Feynan Ecolodge: "A wonderful stay and an excellent example of
 how tourism, the land, the people and nature can be combined.
A real highlight of Jordan!" 
The experience of trekking through the desert and arriving at Petra via the monastery was so special. We toured Petra throughout the day and saw the Treasury at five pm, with very few people around, in gorgeous light. Hiking out that late afternoon through the canyon gorge to our Movenpick hotel after the full day at Petra is an indelible memory.

The constant Bedouin theme as we hiked was a pleasant surprise. It was culturally stimulating and added so much depth to our trek. Sleeping Bedouin style in the tents, as rustic as it was, is something I wouldn't change. The food prepared while on the trail was DELICIOUS ! I appreciated sitting with Yamaan after dinner, drinking tea, and how he brought out a special and different Jordanian treat every night! We were spoiled!
Yamaan Safady and Sherry Howland, Wildland's Jordan Program Director,
share a light moment on the Bedouin Trek to Petra.
Yamaan Safady was a superb guide in every way. We were constantly amazed by his skills...knowledge, outdoorsmanship, enthusiasm, people skills, leadership, humor. He made it very fun!

Both Bill and I enjoyed the hiking the most.  Coming to a Bedouin tent in the late afternoon was a real treat--especially when hot tea was offered.  Petra was amazing but for me the journey there was the best. The hot meals served every evening were fantastic!
Hanging out in our Bedouin camp on the trek to Petra. 
As Bill told Yamaan, he ranks as the number 1 best guide we've ever had.  He was fun, personable, professional, informative, organized--just about everything you could ask for in a guide.

Meet Yamaan speaking about reaching the gods at the Petra Monastery: 

keeping in wild,

kurt kutay

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PS Our Bedouin Trek to Petra was just named one of National Geographic's 50 Tours of a Lifetime
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