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Meet Your Guides: Luis at Explora Atacama

Meet Your Guides: Luis at Explora Atacama

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to take the time to highlight some of the key players in Wildland Adventures’ travel experience: our guides!

This year, I had the chance to be out in the field with several of our amazing guides: Joao and Abadias in the Brazilian Amazon, Bira in Salvador, Tiago in Chapada Diamantia, Everaldo in Rio de Janeiro, Cata and Nicole in Torres del Paine, Chile and Oscar and Luis in Atacama, Chile.

One of my favorite memories, while out in the field this past year, was hiking up Lascar Volcano with our guide Luis in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Luis has made a strong reputation for himself amongst Wildland travelers for his expert knowledge of astronomy while entertaining guests during his informative lectures about the night skies at the Explora Atacama observatory in addition to his intricate knowledge of the unique flora, fauna and geology, witnessed while trekking in this remote adventure paradise.

Our three-time alumni travelers, Muki and Charles, wrote us about Luis after their stay in Atacama:

“Luis, gave us a fantastic lecture on and demonstration of astronomy in the Explora Atacama observatory one night with their telescope. We were incredibly lucky because no one else had signed up so it went way beyond the scheduled hour and he was able to share his love of astronomy in a way that would be difficult to do if there had been more participants.”

(For more on Muki and Charles' adventure, check out their guest blog: This was an amazing 22-day adventure in Chile and Argentina!)


This October, Luis led an incredible trek to the summit of Lascar Volcano during my stay in Atacama. Luis went out of his way to suggest this Volcano route and led the way with unrivaled enthusiasm and gusto. He made sure to point out the rare penetentes ice formations (only found at extreme high altitudes in the Andes and Himalayas), Atacama’s famous Alma project (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) and international satellite field, along with the neighboring peaks of Llullaillaco, Toco, Aguas Calientes, and more. He showed us the major salt flats expanding out towards the horizon thousands of feet below us, discussed how they were formed and pointed out the green, yellow, red, black and white areas painted on the mountain sides and volcanoes around us, explaining that they were mineral deposits of chlorine, arsenic, iron, boron and sodium. 

Our entire climb to the steaming, active volcano summit was full of laughter, jokes and culminated in a summit dance competition!

To sign off on another incredible year in the Wild, here to share, are a couple of, writer and photographer, Berne Broudy’s videos of the epic Lascar Volcano Summit dance competition!


Berne Broudy is a Vermont-based writer and photographer. You can check out more of Berne Broudy’s work at on twitter @berneab and on instagram @bernebroudy and her website HERE.

To read more about adventuring in the Atacama Desert, check out my blog: Martian Landscapes and Scenic Beauty: Blown Away by Atacama.

A special thank you, to Luis, and all of our South America guides for helping make the Wildland experience incredible for our guests all these years!!

Want to learn more about travel to the Atacama and Chile? Feel free to contact me!

Happy New Year to all!!

Your friendly Chile expert,

Title Photo Credit: Berne Broudy. You can check out more of Berne Bourdy’s work at on twitter @berneab and on instagram @bernebroudy, and her website HERE.

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