More than just a room with a view

I was interviewing someone today for a position in Wildland Adventures and when we asked the candidate what are two of the most important elements of meaningful travel experience she replied, "One is the accommodations."

Lapa Rios Ecoldoge surrounded by macaws and monkeys in a private rainforest reserve overlooking the sea, Costa Rica

Where we bedded down was not so important when we started 30 years ago; that would not have been the right answer many years ago when "the experience" was considered more about the "adventure" itself and the associated cultural encounters. Today the experience is so much more.

As this prospective candidate explained her answer:

" is a reflection of the culture we are in and has, even though at times quite subliminally, an everlasting impact on how we remember our time in a place."

Samode Palace is one of India's truly great palace hotels.

Samode Palace is one of India's truly great palace hotels.

Picking the right accommodations is important as to how it reflects the local culture and landscape through design, architecture, cuisine and hospitality, as well as for its amenities and comforts that active travelers seek where we can relax and reflect on the day's adventures.

Mother and daughter time together taking notes at the end of an active day exploring the rainforest.

Although sometimes hard to find, extraordinary boutique style accommodations from ecolodges to guesthouses and beach bungalows, have become so prevalent today they present even more opportunities for immersion and a haven where we can absorb our personal experiences of the day. 

Check our adventure travel website for more information about our different styles of travel especially including special accommodations we select for our worldwide romantic adventures

Keeping it wild,

Kurt Kutay

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