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Review from a 3rd Grader Part 1: My First Day on an Alaska Cruise - KAZAAM!

Alaska Family Cruises

By Cassie Garrett, 3rd Grade

On my first day on the boat we went on a skiff tour. It was my first time on a skiff. A skiff tour is when you just drive around on a small motor boat, you don't get out. It was pretty cold though. I had to wear five layers on the top, four layers on the bottom. I also wore wool socks and rubber rain boots. We drove around in a canal and we saw a lot of rock – our guide Wilson said it was all granite. There were deep cracks in the rock because glaciers had once slid down those hills and left deep scars in the rock. The surprising thing was, since there was so much moss there were things for tree roots to grab on to and there were lots of trees there – spruce trees and alder, mostly. We saw many waterfalls. I think maybe 5. 

In the afternoon we went on another skiff tour to a glacier called Dawes Glacier. There were lots of ice bergs to dodge and we even ran over a few – it was a pretty bumpy ride! We pulled up close to an ice berg and I even got to taste some! The surprise was it wasn't salt water like the water it was sitting on, it tasted like fresh water. Christian said that was because the ice berg had come straight off the glacier and it had just floated all that way. The ice didn't actually come from on the ocean. Once we got there we tried some 'magic'. We were trying to be able to see falling ice from the glacier. Our guide had us rub our hands together concentrate on a certain spot and yell "KAZAAM!" which we did but nothing happened. He said that the magic was slow, but I think it was because there actually wasn't any magic. The best part was coming back from the afternoon skiff tour and seeing a bunch of harbor seals. They had a lot of spots on them and they were going "oo oo oo oo" because they were calling for their mothers. Harbor seal childhood is only about 3 weeks long. And then the mothers leave them and they have to live on their own. It was really fun to go on those skiff tours. 

Your favorite Little Explorer,

Cassie Garrett

Cassie Garrett is the daughter of Rachael Garrett, our Alaska Program Director. Together they cruised the waters of Southeast Alaska on our Alaska Inside Passage Adventure: Eastern Coves 

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