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My Love Of Travel and Traveling With My Love

At the risk of getting mocked by my own staff, I'll admit it here and now: I got wildly inspired to share my world of adventure travel from Robert Redford's character as Denys Finch Hatton in the 1985 movie Out of Africa. When Denys takes Karen Blixen up in the biplane to fly over the African savanna and out on safari in Kenya I knew that's what I wanted to do when I found the love of my life: to share my spirit for adventure and love of wild places. So, after I started Wildland Adventures one year after the movie was released and met Anne one year after that, I had my "Finch Hatton moment"  to plan my own wild honeymoon adventure.
Women swoon over this scene when Fitch Hatton shampoos Karen's hair in camp.
Guys, we can help you create these kinds of moments that will put your love on cloud nine! 

Our final honeymoon morning with coffee liquor and a granola bar.
I decided to take Anne on a Costa Rica honeymoon riding mountain bikes down the Caribbean coast camping on long white-sand, palm-fringed tropical beaches. I lived here working for the Costa Rican National Park Service and knew this virgin territory where we could pitch our pup tent alone most anywhere. Now that to me was ultimately romantic! We didn't have a lot of money as Wildland was still young; besides it was more about sharing a place I loved with my new bride, that I knew she would love too, and where we could go wild in nature.

I'll never forget this kiss under a tropical waterfall
falling on the beach in Costa Rica.
We cavorted with monkeys, took long walks on isolated beaches, snorkeled with nurse sharks in Cahuita, hung out with the local Afro-Caribbean people, and rode our mountain bikes down dirt roads through the rain forest. We fed ourselves in local seaside palapa restaurants until we got past the last outpost and woke up on our final morning with nothing more than a bottle of Costa Rican coffee liquor and one granola bar to share. Oops, I didn't plan that menu very well!
Together Anne and I plan trips much better now than I did for my own honeymoon. We laugh about that now, and have fond memories of that simple Costa Rica honeymoon. But, I have to admit that I've long since made up for such a primitive honeymoon adventure by arranging a "make-up honeymoon" years later in Napa Valley and Sausalito, not to mention dozens of other adventures I've planned for (and with) her around the world.

The end of a happy Wildland Honeymoon Adventure!
Among all the romantic adventures I've planned for Anne and so many Wildland travelers, the most awesome feat I've pulled off was a spectacular surprise party I threw to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in the desert of Rajasthan on our Tigers and Travels in India Wildland Adventure in February 2012.  I've always had to plan far in advance for our anniversary because we were married on Valentines Day, but last year I started planning this extravaganza a year in advance by measuring Anne in her sleep and sending her dimensions to India in order to have a traditional Indian wedding dress made for her.

You can see the pictures and read the whole story in my previous blog entry about our Wild Anniversary Party - Only in Incredible India!

I couldn't have done it alone in India; I had plenty of help from Amit and Jessica and all our guides in India who helped me make this happen. Anywhere in our Wild World we design our romantic adventures in collaboration with the most professional, creative and fun guides, outfitters and accommodations who share our delight in the design of creating romantic experiences catered to you!

We have so much fun planning romantic holidays for young couples falling in love and for so many other couples seeking a quiet place and time to be together away from it all to re-connect and renew their relationship. We've been asked by some guys to help plan a secret surprise moment to pop the question like Wildland staffers Nick Bay and Tad Bradley did for their new brides in Africa. We've planned destination weddings and marriage vow renewal ceremonies for couples and their families and friends on the beaches of Costa Rica, in the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu, in ancient sites of Turkey, and from the highest point of Africa at the top of Kilimanjaro to the wildest regions of Botswana, Zambia, Kenya. Tanzania, Uganda and beyond.

So guys, no matter your age, feel free to ask me or one of our destination experts how we can help you surprise your bride and bring more love and togetherness into your relationship through our romantic Wildland Adventures!

Kurt Kutay
The Trick to Romance in Adventure Travel
Who wouldn't love this job?

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