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Myanmar is spectacular!

Myanmar is spectacular!

A group of 6 intrepid travelers just traveled through Myanmar together and had a blast! Here's Judy to tell us a little bit about it:

"We loved our trip. Myanmar is a wonderful place to visit. The people are kind, inquisitive, helpful and beautiful. The food is amazing. The country is spectacular. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to discover a country unspoiled by tourists. But that will only last a couple of more years, so get there quickly!"

On accommodations:

"I loved the Strand - I've stayed at Raffles in Singapore a couple of times, and this was definitely reminiscent. The hotel in Kalaw was lovely, with wonderful food. We had a Burmese meal the first night and a western meal the second. The western food suffered in comparison!"

Favorite moments:

"I think my favorite thing was the breakfast in the local tea shop. That was so much fun - to see how the locals really eat, and order their meals. To watch them cook, and deliver the food. Loved it!"


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