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Mystical, Magical, Mysterious and Awe Inspiring

Mystical, Magical, Mysterious and Awe Inspiring

This couple just returned from almost a month of travel on a custom trip to Argentina and Peru adventure.  Gary recounts some of their favorite moments while in South America.

“We had heard great feedback from my wife’s sister who went to Peru in the preceding year with Wildland. Wildland’s open approach, the low key nature of their interactions interspersed with enthusiasm at the highest level, and the feedback from more than one person were enough to ensure that we were going with "like minded" folks in selecting Wildland. It turned out to be absolutely the case.

The entire itinerary was a fantastically put together sequence that we all worked together on. Great collaboration throughout.

Our favorite memories of the trip were:  [In chronological order as they happened on the trip]:

(1) Roaming around freestyle in Buenos Aires and staying at Legado Mitico while doing so. It's a magical and very comfortable city, environs, and people all the way around. Spending two days walking in and around and throughout Iguazu Falls, some of the time guide-driven, some of the time freestyle wandering. It's better than any falls I ever have seen, bar none.

(2) Roaming and exploring Cuzco freestyle, intermixed with planned guide-driven visits to several places like the magical and powerful Sacsayhuaman layout. Having been to Stonehenge several times prepared me for the above and its gigantic Inca-Created history. It was WAY beyond my expectation, particularly on a day that was partly rainy and partly sunny, providing the most engaging clouds and sky I've seen in 4 decades.

Cusco architecture

(3) Being in the Sacred Valley working our way pacingly towards the end of the valley, approaching Machu Picchu on the train, wandering around Agua Caliente area, actually BEING in Machu Picchu ruins with almost nobody there. No kidding: only about 150 people!! Mystical, magical, mysterious and awe inspiring in the deepest spiritual sense, on the same days that we were discovering water on Mars and Jupiter's moon. Eerie back and forth contrast while I was moving around Machu Picchu and every now and then looked upwards, knowing that these incredible discoveries were being made at the same moment I was in M.P. another incredible discovery!!

Gretchen was enthusiastic, professional and fantastic to work with. And our guides Rudolfo, Andrea, Guillermo, Edwin, all were top flight in all areas, especially helpful whenever requested, and could not have improved their assistance and skills with us. Exceptional.

Our favorite meals (we’re foodies) were at: Olsen's, Sucre, Elana, Chila, Maido, Inkaterra Hotel, Monasterio Hotel.

Advice to future travelers: Be relaxed, read the book that is available on Amazon: TRAVELLING INSIDE OUT. It speaks to EVERY aspect of how to travel sensibly, successfully, and with almost NO STRESS!! A must have for any traveler who wants to get the most out of the marvelous experience of traveling.

Many thanks!


Feel free to contact me about planning your own custom trip to Peru and or custom Argentina adventure!

Your friendly South America Program Director,





The Entire Trip Was Amazing
Our Guides Were Phenomenal!

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