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Himalayan Wildlife Quest for the Snow Leopard

snow leopard

Extraordinary wildlife encounters like this are few and far between for most travelers. Some species are so rare and elusive only a handful of intrepid travelers seek them out. The "Grey Ghost" of the Himalayas almost sounds like mythical folklore, and the quest to find it is alluring. Now the chances to see them are better than ever. We are excited to announce an exclusive adventure to search for the "Grey Ghost" on our Quest for the Snow Leopard trip in India.

This 12-day adventure will lead you deep into the Himalayas in search of the elusive snow leopard as well as immersion into the Ladakhi culture with the people who reside in this ruggedly beautiful mountainous terrain. Guided by an exceptional tracking team, who've worked on documentaries for Planet Earth and Human Planet, you'll spend three days hiking the isolated valleys around Ulley valley, searching for snow leopards, as well as a variety of other wildlife who have adapted to this harsh, but beautiful environment. With the valley elevation around 13,000 (4000 meters) and a very high density of cats, you are in a strategic location to better view the snow leopard.

With vehicles at disposal and a good road network, the group can cover a much bigger area and visit other valleys. After days tracking leopards by SUV and on foot through the spectacular Ulley Valley, return to your cozy home-stay living with a Ladakhi family in the unique Snow Leopard Lodge. Learn about their daily lives and how ecotourism is changing the image of the snow leopards with locals, transforming the animals and the people!

This quest offers an incredible immersion into Ladakhi culture and the exclusivity of the location and guide team make for a truly superb wildlife viewing experience. This quest takes Himilayan hiking to new heights and offers the best possible chance to see a snow leopard as well as a truly transformative adventure along the way!

Ready to go on a quest? Give us a call at 800.345.4453.

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