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New Places We Plan To Go In Far Off Lands

We always have new places we plan to go, great guides we know in far off lands to share with you, and new trips we have in design that we have not yet announced. Often our alumni travelers ask us to design new trips to places they want to go so they can travel there in our more authentic and in-depth Wild style of exploring the world. Or, sometimes we turn our own vacations into Wildland exploratory trips like Jeff Stivers did when he turned a trekking trip into the jungles of Borneo into one of our first new forays in SE Asia as our Untamed Borneo Adventure. We are also often approached by outfitters and guides in far flung places who want to introduce our travelers to their country, family and friends. Indeed, the best thing about what we do is developing new trips through our expanding network of friends and family throughout the world, and introducing them to you when you travel with us.
Wildland Adventures Program Director, Jeff Stivers (far right) leads our first group tour to Borneo. 
Following is a short list of trips and travel plans we have in the works that are forthcoming and to be announced soon in 2013. In fact, we already have itineraries and guides in place for most of them so if you would like us to design a custom trip to any of these places let us know. Or, watch for an invitation to join us on one of our inaugural departures often accompanied by one of our senior staff.

Myanmar (Burma)
Contact Laura Finkelstein, our new SE Asia Program Director if you want to travel to Myanmar. She came to Wildland with prior adventure travel experience throughout this part of the world including designing trips in Burma, working with an engaging Burmese woman, Cho Cho, who loves to share the beauty of her culture and introduce travelers not only to religious and historic sites, but also to experience daily life in markets, exploring down side streets, visiting farmers and families at home in rural villages and experiencing Buddhist practices we encounter everywhere.
Our Burmese tour guide and in-country coordinator, Cho Cho, loves to share village life of Myanmar with Wildland travelers. 
Bordered by Pacific and Caribbean seas, situated in the northernmost stretch of South America connected to the Central American Isthmus, and with some of the highest mountains in the world, Colombia is spectacular and diverse. Dubbed the "comeback kid in tourism" we are excited to be announcing our first foray into Colombia where we visit Bogota, coffee plantations and highland forests of the Andes, and the incredibly diverse habitat of Tayrona National Park in the mountains rising out of the Caribbean concluding in the beautifully romantic World Heritage city of Cartagena. Contact Kirsten Gardner for more information about travel to Colombia.

Several of us have traveled to Brazil in the past few years. It's such a big country it's taken time to get enough feet on the ground to really know how to get around, where to go (because you just can't do it all in one trip as distances are far), and to develop local contacts throughout the distinct regions of the country. Anne and I traveled from Sao Paulo to Rio down the Atlantic Rainforest Coast visiting local Afro-Brazilian communities, exploring the beautiful historic coastal town of Paraty, sea kayaking among coastal inlets and tropical islands, and exploring Rio. Sherry traveled the coast of Salvador, Bahia dancing to Afro-Brazilian rhythms with her dance troupe from Seattle. Kirsten has spent considerable time planning various itinerary options with our lead guide and Brazilian ecotourism outfitter featuring the best of the Pantanal, Amazon, the Atlantic coastal rainforests, and Iguazu. And, now in January 2013, Gabi Assis, a native Brazilian experienced in adventure travel, has joined us as a new intern who will help us finalize all the details of our new Wildland Adventures in Brazil!  Contact Kirsten Gardner for more information about travel to Brazil.
Anne and Kurt Kutay exploring the Atlantic rainforests  designing new Wildland Adventures Brazil tours. 
Although Turkey is certainly not a new destination for Wildland, we are redesigning our flagship trip, Turquoise Coast Odyssey, to bring back into that itinerary a family home stay in a remote village that is always a highlight of this amazing trip. In the past our visit with the family was sometimes problematic because we all stayed in their old Ottoman village house with just one bathroom and several rooms with just curtains instead of doors. Their new family home just finished has 5 private bedrooms with their own private bathroom so everyone can be assured of privacy and comfort during these amazing days in a remote Turkish village in the coastal highlands above Antalya.

India is so vast, we have many itineraries we are designing and already offer custom travel planning throughout the country. The latest new trip to be announced in the coming weeks is our India Yoga and Cultural Adventure combing an individual yoga experience (for guests at any level) at a lovely resort and retreat center near the beach in Goa with a week cultural exploration around the Golden Triangle including Delhi, the Taj in Agra, and immersion into the ancient spiritual city of Varanasi on the Ganges River. Learn more about all our trips to India.

Grettel Calderon, our Central America Program Director, is planning an exploratory trip to Nicaragua this year to create several new Wildland Adventures there. From volcanoes to cloud forests, kayaking around islets on Lake Nicaragua, visiting highland villages and coffee plantations, and luxuriating in the rainforests and beaches of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua has something for families, couples and active travelers of all ages. There are many new ecolodges we are going to explore and plan into the design of several new tours of Nicaragua.

keeping it wild,

Kurt Kutay
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