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New Zealand & Nature Rank Highest in Women's Travel Survey


The results of our women's travel survey are in and we're excited to share them! We polled our women alumni and women who had never traveled with us and asked them if they were interested in women's travel,  where they wanted to go next, what they want to do on trips, and why they like/want to travel with other women. We were excited to see that the vast majority of women are interested in women's travel! Travel to New Zealand  was the most popular destination and getting out in nature was the most sought after activity for women. Keep reading to see the full results, along with my favorite part, why women want to go on a "women's only" adventure!

Women interested in "women's only" travel

Where women want to travel

We were excited to see that New Zealand was at the top of the list because now is a great time to visit with more direct flights then every before from the US! Find out more about New Zealand by contacting Kelsey, our New Zealand Program Director or read her blog Soar and explore New Zealand. If you're interested in Italy check out our Women's Southern Epicurean Adventure or for Peru watch this video about Why you should hike the Inca trail! If you're interested in Bali contact Laura, our Asia travel expert and for those interested in Morocco read Kelsey's blog, Is travel to Morocco Safe? If the country you want to travel to didn't make the list give us a call and our friendly travel experts would love to help you plan your trip!

What activities women want on a trip

Find out more about our nature and wildness trips here, or check our our cultural experiences or culinary adventures as well. If you're into relaxing see our spa retreats or water adventures, or if you want to be active check out our trekking trips! Most of our travelers want a mix of different experiences on their trips and we can customize any of our trips to fit your needs to include some or all of these activities.

Why choose a "women's only" trip?

1. "I love the camaraderie of traveling with other women!"

2. "Husband/partner/friends are not as adventurous as I am."

3. "It's safer than traveling by myself."

4. "Travel with women only is fun!"

5. "As a single woman, travel with couples can be awkward."

This was the most interesting part of the survey to me, (read my blog Top 4 reasons: why women's only travel?) because there is still a school of thought that women's travel is a default option, when actually there are tons of reasons why women travel together.

Thanks again to all who took the survey. If you have any questions about women's travel contact Laura, our women's travel expert. You can also read her blogs about her travels in Asia or see what inspires her, in my blog Wildland Women talk travel (part 3) Laura Cahill.

Wildest regards,

Hannah Lunstrum

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