Nicaragua with children? Si!

Nicaragua with children? Si!

Nicaragua is an ideal family destination. Explore volcanoes and, wildlife nature reserves, sleepy surf towns with endless unspoiled beaches, charming colonial cities to explore by horse-drawn carriage, bike, or on foot.  Family friendly hotels offer kid-style cuisine, hammocks for napping and free form swimming pools along with plenty of outdoor activities for children 5 and older up.

Recently a Wildland family traveled with their 6 and 10 year olds who enjoyed sports matches with local children chocolate tasting at the Chocolate Museum and discovered pottery making at a local artisan’s house. Shared activities are fun and rewarding for locals and Wildland travelers as it creates a sense of unity and joy knowing your adventure is contributing to the economic well-being of local communities while preserving their culture, traditions and environment.  Laurie shared the following with us from her family trip to Nicaragua

"One of the main reasons we chose this itinerary is due to the farm and school visits which were magical.  The School visits in particular were some of the most incredible of my life!. I felt like meeting those teachers and children was one of the most moving and wonderful experiences of my life. My children are processing it slowly, picking apart the experience at random, surprising times. It really resonated for all of us."
Laurie Faith and family – March 2014

Comments like this leave me with no doubt that Nicaragua is a great destination for the whole family! As a Tica (Born and raised in Costa Rica) I very much respect my brothers and sisters of Nicaragua who are doing a great job in opening the doors of their country and welcoming foreign travelers with high quality and safe experiences which might convert the country, in a not too long future, into the Next Costa Rica! 

Now is the time to come, and the sooner the better!

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Keeping it wild,

Grettel Calderon
Nicaragua Program Director

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