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Nothing like a good ole pair of LEECH PROOF SOCKS!

Nothing like a good ole pair of LEECH PROOF SOCKS!

Yes, that’s right. If you’ve planning a trekking trip through the jungles of South East Asia then you may want to heed my advice and get Mosquito Hammocks anti-leech socks. Why I do I like em?

1.) They are well constructed and stand the testament of time on long jungle treks like my last foray into the Maliau Basin of Borneo

2.) They breathe quite well which can be a savior for your feet when the heat and humidy of the jungle starts to climb.

3.) They are longer than the ones you can buy in-country, therefore giving you more surface area of coverage and more leach proofing!

Want to see a tiger leach on the move? Check out my video below.

If you don’t watch out… the leaches may get you (but don't worry, they don't hurt!.

Don't make a blood donation to the leaches of the jungles and get yourself a pair of Mosquito hammock's leech proof socks. If you'd like more information about travel to Borneo or South East Asia please don't hesitate to contact us


Jeff Stivers

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