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Nothing like a little hard work on your family vacation

Nothing like a little hard work on your family vacation

Call us weird, but our family does not mind a little hard work during a vacation. The important adjective here is "little." The staff at Wildland knows our preferences very well, and that is why we enjoy traveling with Wildland so much.

On December 29, 2013 we began our adventures in Costa Rica with a ride through the interior highlands of the country. Our guide made stops along the way to show us a variety of wildlife: toucans, sloths, and iguanas to name a few. After a therapeutic stop for ice cream, it was time to get serious. We arrived at La Fortuna Waterfall for some swimming. Two brave family members out of four made the decision to get their feet wet. The water in the swimming hole was chilly, but the experience to swim near a gorgeous 150 ft waterfall was unforgettable. The jovial atmosphere at La Fortuna was infectious, and soon we we talking with other tourists and locals who had come to see the site as well.

After leaving the waterfall, our guide knew it was time for us to go to work. He drove us to a local farm owned by Don Erasmo Gonzalez. Don Erasmo operates his farm by employing "organic" principles, and one of the staff gave us a comprehensive tour of of the crops grown and the uses for each. Once we had finished our field tour, we were invited to practice some "farming" of our own. Our host showed us how to operate a sugar cane press, and we were able to taste the "fruits" of our work. I was grateful for having two strong sons to work the press, while I did the easier job of feeding the sugar cane into the machine. Meanwhile, the matriarch and photo journalist of the family enjoyed taking pictures of her men at work. We apparently did our jobs well for we were treated to a measure of rum, which is made from the sugar cane of the region.

The two hours on the farm brought us close to the people of Costa Rica. This and similar opportunities to explore countries and meet the people who live in them is very dear to us. I would tell others that this is what separates Wildland from other tour companies. As they say in Costa Rica, "Pura Vida," which generally translates as "It's cool!"


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