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On The Zambezi Between Zambia and Zimbabwe

Our first sundowner on our Zambia safari on the Zambezi.
It’s utterly unworldly going directly from our night at the JFK Airport Garden Suites Hotel to our luxurious Toka Leya tent camp having dinner with a hippo walking below our feet. After 15 hours of flying time without nightfall we find ourselves in a hazy daze having sundowners on the banks of Zambezi River amongst colorful bee eaters, big crocs and eles in the secure company of Nelson, our new friend and exceptional boatman/naturalist guide.
Nelson, our boatman on the Zambezi. One of many skilled and exceptionally lovely
African guides and boatmen taking us through the wilds on safari in Zambia and Botswana.
This was the first of many gin and tonics to come in the African bush as we set out to meet up with our guides and outfitters from Zambia to Zimbabwe, traveling to Botswana and South Africa inspecting the many camps and lodges we use on our many Wildland Adventures throughout Southern Africa.
Lunch on the Zambezi on safari at the Wilderness Safaris Toka Leya Camp.
And Africa wasted no time gently reminding us of our vulnerability…it’s what makes me come alive here, heightening all my senses to absorb the wild. We returned to camp from our sundowner on the river in the dark guided by the a small campfire on the beach lit by the staff reflecting in the champagne glasses greeting us as we disembarked on shore. As we were blissfully sipping bubbly glaring into fire and sharing our wildlife sightings with the crew, Nelson said calmly to me, “Please move slowly towards the elevated walkway because ‘Moto Moto’ is right behind you and moving this way.” Moto Moto? Sounds like a nocturnal bird, but it turns out ‘Moto Moto’ is the resident hippo who was emerging from the darkness at the edge of our fire grazing on the riverine grasses under the dining room as we enjoyed our first candlelight dinner in Africa.
Meet "Moto Moto" the big hippo that snuck up behind us on the river bank while
we were enjoying out sundowners until our keen guide escorted us up on the elevated walk.
keeping it wild,

Kurt Kutay

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