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One of the most moving and wonderful experiences of my life

One of the most moving and wonderful experiences of my life

Guest Review from our Nicaragua Family Vacation

"The trip was wonderful! Wildland Adventures helped me plan my trip and get prepared perfectly!!

The activity our family enjoyed the most was the pottery experience, the horse and cart ride, and the walk on Mombacho!! Our trip leader, Lou, was miles beyond our expectations. She must be aone-in-a-lifetime guide. She guided us through the chaos of Granada with exceptional organization, insight, timing, warmth, cheerful spirits and charm. Lou seemed to know everyone everywhere personally - clearly a true and cherished friend to many of the Nicaraguans we met. It was so reassuring to be with someone who knew so much about the people and the country. After we parted ways, the kids both mentioned missing her and wanting to write her. Your most discerning and hard- to-impress visitors would be delighted, I'm sure, to be guided by Lou. Our driver Fran was really warm and trustworthy as well. He seemed to be a genuinely great guy!

At Morgans Rock, we used our jet lag to get in some cooler exploring time with the kids. 6 am is a really comfortable time to explore the beach or look for monkeys. Also, don't forget to sign up for coffee delivery! Meals were awesome. First night in Granada should always be Garden Cafe. Perfect comfort food/ambiance for weary travelers, and hammocks if the kids want to crash!!

The travelers we met at Morgans Rock were some of the most lovely people we've ever met on vacation. One of the main reasons we chose this itinerary is due to the farm and school visits which were magical. The school visits in particular were some of the most incredible of my life!. I felt like meeting those teachers and children was one of the most moving and wonderful experiences of my life. My children are processing it slowly, picking apart the experience at random, surprising times. It really resonated for all of 
us. I would be happy to chat with other travelers by email if you need references."

Laurie Faith and family (children 6 and 10) 
Nicaragua Family Vacation

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