Our Indian Family

Our Indian family has grown! We welcome Siyana Sankhala, daughter of Amit and Jessika, to the Wildland family of the far east.
Siyana, the newest member of our Indian family at Wildland Adventures.

Siyana is an Arabic name. They expect to call her "Siya" for short which is close phonetically to "Sita", wife of Rama in Hindu theology, esteemed as a standard-setter for wifely and womanly virtues for all Hindu women.
Sita is known for her dedication, self-sacrifice, courage and purity.

Little does Siyana know what an amazing life she has to look forward to. Her dad, Amit, was about as close to a modern day real life characterization of Kipling's Jungle Book character, Mowgli, that you can get: Born the grandson of a forest officer and son of  a renowned wildlife tour operator, Amit rambled in the remote forests of India since he was a baby. Not unlike Mowgli, when Amit was "orphaned" in his young 20's after his father died in an accident on an adventure in Alaska, he stepped forward to take over the family business as Managing Director of two ecolodges in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh the very same home of Mowgli's Jungle Book friends. Before Siyana was born 2 1/2 months ago, Jessika and Amit were busy living in the jungle while they are building a new tent camp next to Pench National Park that we will soon start using on our tours to India.

Kanha and Bandavgarh jungle lodges have been part of the Sankahla family for two generations. Leading tiger conservationists and ecotourism entrepreneurs, Amit and Jessika have created such a personal, familial feeling at their lodges unlike any that you will find at other jungle lodges. Lodge managers, Dimple and Tarun, are Amit's cousins and have been running the Kanha lodge for 18 years, while Pushpinder, the manager of the Bandavgarh lodge was hired by Amit's father over 20 years ago. The managers and staff treat Wildland travelers like part of the family. They prepare luscious home-style Indian meals, give cooking demonstrations, take guests for nature walks and strolls to the village homes of the staff, and usually one night the ladies learn how to wear a sari. On a Wildland Adventure you'll feel right at home in the jungles of India.
Wildland Directors, Kurt and Anne Kutay with Siyana on her first visit to our home in Seattle. We'll be visiting her in Delhi after we lead our upcoming India Yoga and Cultural Adventure in Goa and the Golden Triangle this February. 

We look forward in years ahead to joining little Siyana running through the jungle camps with us searching for tigers and sloth bear. Congratulations Amit and Jessika!

keeping it wild, 
kurt kutay
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