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Seven Ways We Give You A Closer Look At Turkey


​Among all the Wildland Adventures in the world, our trips to Turkey consistently receive rave reviews from our travelers as the most memorable trips of their lifetime. Here's what two Wildland travelers had to say about their overall experience. 

"I've visited perhaps 20 countries in the last 20 years, and the 3 weeks we spent with Wildland Adventures in Turkey was my favorite trip of all." - P Crawford

"We've traveled a lot and our trip to Turkey with our guide Salih was the best week we spent anywhere with anybody." - R and J Lawson

Here are 7 ways, Wildland travelers reveal in their own words, how we provide a closer look and deeper understanding of Turkey:

1. World Class Friendly Guides
We all know that guides are your preeminent entre into a country and its culture. Our Turkish guides are not just licensed professional tour escorts. They are among a small cadre of the most scholarly trip leaders who are also gracious, enthusiastic, funny and friendly travel companions. Their deep contacts everywhere are revealed sharing their favorite restaurants, shops, and side trips, and they're always flexible keeping your interests foremost in mind. 

"Your guides in Turkey not only talk knowledgeably about anthropology, history, culture sociology, politics, and economics, but they also integrate informed personal insights between and amongst these domains, always delivered with a sense of humor and a huge heart." - D. Matteson

2. A Different Dish At Every Meal
We generously budget for meals on our trips in Turkey and give guides the freedom to take you to their favorite restaurants and cafes, not the typical tourist fare limited by set menus. This ensures that you have an opportunity to try a new dish each day. Every plate is a crossroads of cultures and every dish a lesson in ancient civilizations. 

"Eating in the small restaurants and learning about the local food was amazing. The cuisine is very rich with variety and the preparation was done with care and attention to detail. Good food adds so much to the quality of a trip." - P. Zalucha

3. Your Own Moment By Moment Experience
Beyond the sites and activities described in our itineraries, we create personal opportunities for you to experience daily life and local culture that are unique to every trip. Our style of travel in Turkey is flexible and spontaneous focused on meeting Turkish people you meet along the way from all walks of life. These encounters are often what turn out to be the most deeply personal and memorable experiences.

"Our itinerary was innovative and had flexibility to see extra things, talk a little longer, and meet real people. Our guide Ozlem always looked out for us, catering many activities to us that she knew we would like based on what she learned about us from conversation. She was patient about teaching us Turkish words and made many spontaneous stops helping us make our own connections with people. We loved her!"
- Ye/Marso Family

4. Don't Let Preconceived Ideas Stop You
We go through life with so many preconceived ideas, especially a country like Turkey where the flag features the Muslim Crescent Moon and the skyline is punctuated with minarets. And yet, travelers are often surprised the first day they arrive in Istanbul to see people dress in modern western style (or wear a hijab only if they choose to) and realize you have arrived in such a modern Republic as Turkey.

"People ask me if we felt safe. I had absolutely no concerns about safety. Turkey's politics are fascinating to learn about when you're there, and, as tourists, we were unaffected by the politics of the region. In the areas we traveled on our Wildland Adventure, there is no reason to be concerned about visiting Turkey."
- J. Kaplan

5. Amazing Accommodations Ala Turka
The gracious hospitality of the Turks is complimented by our choice of the most memorable and culturally congruous accommodations including Ottoman-style boutique hotels in Istanbul, luxury cave dwellings in Cappadocia, renovated cottages in local villages, and Phoenician-style gulet yachts for cruising the Turquoise Mediterranean Coast.

"Staying in the cave house and village home gave us the good feeling of being part of a country, not tourists, where we met local people more in depth. The family we stayed with in the village was as warm and caring as if they truly had been our own family."  - J and B. Sinning

6. We'll Show You All That Turkey Has To Offer
Turkey has so much to offer it can't be stuffed into a series of antiquities that you find around every corner. Understanding modern Turkey begins with experiencing the diversity of neighborhoods in Istanbul on both sides of the Bosphorus beyond the historic tourist center of Sultanahmet. Hot air balloons fly over the fairy tale chimney landscapes of Cappadocia where we strike out on foot to little known Christian cave churches and underground cities. Drive across the Anatolian plateau to the mystical origins of Rumi and the Whirling Dervish and stay with a traditional family in a renovated village home. Journey back in time on a gulet yacht to make the Blue Voyage along the Turquoise coast among white-washed Mediterranean towns and ancient sites only accessible from the sea.

"What attracted me to the Wildland itinerary was the combination of land and sea, the various modes of seeing Turkey -- van, balloon, boat, sea kayak, snorkeling. We've done a lot of traveling to some pretty exotic places, but this [Turquoise Coast Odyssey] could never be replicated."  - B. Landon

7. Get Out and Beyond
Whether it's offbeat streets and neighborhoods of Istanbul, backroads to rural villages, or hiking to remote ancient sites only accessible on footpaths from the sea, we make sure you get out and beyond into the national parks and rural hinterlands to experience the spectacular landscapes among all walks of life.

"In addition to the major sites, our favorite places were those that would not have been on an ordinary tour: the homestay, ghost town, archaeological sites less visited, and unique overnight stays. We appreciated the ability to get so close to the land through hikes and close to everyday people on many village visits. It was really a perfect combination of outdoor activities and a cultural/historical experience." B and V. Camfield

Thanks for taking a Closer Look at our travels toTurkey. Turkey is closer than you think when you travel as part of our Wildland family. Take a look at the photo gallery below to see just what you can expect! 

Keeping it wild,

Kurt Kutay
Wildland President

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