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Galapagos Solo Traveler Review: "It was one of the best trips of my life."


Do you ever want to jump at the chance for a great adventure, but you hesitate to say "YES! I'M DOING THIS!" because no one can accompany you? I'm seeing more and more solo adventurers in increasing numbers these days - very often adventurous women who don't want to wait for a companion's vacation time. One of those feisty women is Casey Hoover, who just completed a dream trip to the Galapagos Islands. This is what she had to say about the experience:

"I had an AMAZING time in the Galapagos! The ship was perfect as it was mostly adults. I really enjoyed the way you set up the tour. The day and a half in Quito was just enough to see the main attractions around town; really wetting my appetite for the main course, the Galapagos. My tour guide, Fabian, was an absolute doll. He was so kind and knowledgeable of the area, and it was a great that it was a 1:1 tour. I was expecting to be packed on a tour bus with several others. Fabian also made sure that I got checked in to the airport leaving Quito for the Galapagos with no issues. He waited with me up until I got to security before we said our good-byes.

Once aboard the Letty, I met our amazing crew. Everyone from the company was wonderful, especially our bar tender, Marcos! He definitely made our meals enjoyable with his jokes and constant singing to me. It was also nice to see that our chef was willing to make separate dishes for those of us that were picky eaters (I don't eat fish), vegetarians, or had allergies. The food was all around wonderful!

I can honestly say that of all the ships we encountered on our excursions, I truly believe that our ship had the best naturalists. Fredy and Peppe (Jose) were absolutely wonderful. Their excitement about showing us around was contagious and remarkable, considering they do this week after week. I cannot say enough good about the two of them! They really made the difference between having a good trip and having one of the best trips of my life! All in all, everyone aboard agreed that the Letty tour was the perfect amount of activity (hiking, snorkeling, kayaking) mixed with just enough down-time aboard to rest up for the next excursion.

I want to thank you for all of your help in setting up this trip. I will most definitely be traveling with Wildland Adventures again and I made sure to tell others aboard Letty about you as well.

We especially appreciate Casey's statement: "They really made the difference between having a good trip and having one of the best trips of my life!" This is what we also believe, and what we strive for with every single departure…be it the Galapagos Islands, an African safari, Antarctic expedition, Asian cultural immersion, anywhere we travel…the best guides are essential!

Don't let the lack of a travel buddy keep you home, join us and have your own best trip of your life!

Keeping it wild,

Sherry Howland

Want to see a teaser of the voyage Casey was on? Enjoy this terrific video of the South Central Islands

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