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Sri Lanka: A Review and an Unveiling

Sri Lanka: A Review and an Unveiling

We recently had a couple come to us with a request to travel to Sri Lanka. Wildland has been working in India for many years, but until a year ago had yet to set our sights on the small, teardrop shaped nation to the south. After doing some research, we decided Sri Lanka was a perfect fit for Wildland. 

Wildland has always made the environment a core focus of our trips and Sri Lanka not only lays claim to the world's first national park, but over 15% of its land area is protected wildlife area. We seek out ways to make authentic cultural connections and Sri Lanka is a friendly nation with people who are truly excited to show off what it has to offer to foreign visitors. The Vedda, the indigenous people of Sri Lanka who can draw a direct line of descent from the island's original neolithic community, take visitors on nature walks through the forest teaching what they know and love. Wildland prides itself on supporting the heritage sites of the world and this tiny nation has 8 UNESCO Heritage Sites! Our travelers value seeing wildlife in its natural habitat and Sri Lanka does not fail to deliver. Yala National Park has the highest density of leopards in the world and the coast boasts 27 of the world's 80 species of whales. The list goes on but Sri Lanka is a nation that should be on every traveler's list and we've got a couple trips to Sri Lanka to get you there! 

Here's what the Kangs had to say about their Sri Lanka adventure:

What places did you enjoy the most and why?

Dambulla Cave Temples, Sigiriya Rock and the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. The Cave Temples were incredible, Sigiriya was impressive to see, the view from the top was really cool. We found the ancient city of Polonnaruwa was the most fascinating, the architecture and the history and stories that our guide told us. Our guide was also from Polonnaruwa, he knew a lot of the locals and had great stories that made the experience richer. We were fortunate to be there during the New Year’s festivities and participated in a local temple blessing which was an amazing experienced.

How were your guides?

Our guide Sunil and driver Ranil were amazing. They made our trip the wonderful experience that it was. Our guide Sunil was also a naturalist and a national guide lecturer specializing in primates. We shared stories of our recent experiences in Rwanda with the gorillas and met as Sunil called them “his monkey families”. Because we were there during the New Year’s festivities, the traffic in Sri Lanka was let’s just say very impressive. I think Ranil could be in Nascar, the way he maneuvered us through the traffic (always safely). 

What kind of tips would you give to travelers going on this adventure? 

For Sri Lanka, pack lightly, you don’t need much. Consider the travel time as part of the adventure. Overall we had a lovely time in Sri Lanka, it’s a beautiful country with really interesting history and lovely people!

To see all of Seon and Ki Sung's pictures check them out below:

Your friendly Sri Lanka travel guru,

Kelsey Wenger

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