Staying in Costa Rica - End of the World

We asked Grettel Calderon our Central America Program Director from Costa Rica where she would go if it was the end of the world.

I truly wouldn’t go anywhere if I knew the world was ending. I have always felt lucky to have been born in Costa Rica and it is here where I want to die. If I could choose a place in Costa Rica I would go to the top of the highest peak on the Chirripo Mountain. At 12,532 feet and with a 360 degree view I get this sublime feeling of being on the top of the world, taking in the view of my beautiful country for those last moments. Looking out at both the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean I would breathe the fresh air in solitude and heroically wait for the moment to realize our Oneness. That would be a good end to my life. 

If I could choose how the world ends it would be by a massive meteorite, that's something that would even be delightful to see. One more nature spectacle,  imagine how that would look at night under a million stars. Lost in the vastness of the cosmic void, embraced by the silence and remembering our natural state of inner peace we often forgot in the turmoil of daily life.

If I could bring something with me it would be just a huge thermos full of my favorite organic coffee to put even more flavor to each moment. I would just hope to have the peace of mind, the openness of heart and the stillness of perfect presence to relish this ‘death encounter’ with a surrendered “Thanks God, thanks.”

Your friendly Tica,
Where would you go if it was the end of the world? Leave a comment and tell us.
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