Street Foods of Istanbul...hmmm

Several Wildland travelers have recently returned from our trips to Turkey and remind me how thrilling it is to walk the streets of Istanbul with Alper Ertubey, Deniz Kilic or any of our expert Turkish guides who are also culinary aficionados. The Anatolian plateau has been a crossroads of civilizations for millennia and as such its cuisine combines cultures and ingredients from far corners of the globe. Every dish in this crossroads of cultures is a luscious lesson in history as described by this Turkish poet:
"Do not dismiss the dish saying that it is just, simply food. The blessed thing is an entire civilization in itself." - Abdulhak Sinasi
And, of course the street food is the most simple, fresh and diverse range of exotic taste treats that is the essence of the Istanbulli way of life. For over 25 years we have been designing Wildland Adventures in Turkey with Alper who helps us with local connections featuring farmers markets, the slow food movement in rural communities, and especially highlighting street foods in the city where he lives and often receives our travelers. 
Ice cream it before it melts on a warm spring night on a walking tour in Istanbul. 
On all our trips to Turkey we spend time in Istanbul because walking down the pedestrian promenade of Istiklal Cadessi is like Times Square x 10! Really, it's incredible the number of Turks and travelers every night of the week that fill the streets, cafes and support local vendors selling street foods in the day and through the night. And with street food I don’t just mean food literally bought and eaten on the street, but also an array of light snacks such as pastry (börek), kebap, döner and meatballs (köfte). 
Enjoying mussels ala Istanbul on our tour of Turkey.
One of my favorites is Mussels ala Istanbul, which is a rice cooked in the juice of mussels with pine nuts, spices and herbs then stuffed with the mussel and served in the shell. Hmmmm!

Here's the quick comment we just received from Jackie the day after she got home:
I am reorienting to reality today. Turkey was wonderful, everyday, everything we did and much of it possible because of Deniz- a great guide for our little group of 4- I think we all appreciated each other. Deniz knows a lot of history, knows people in all places, is a foodie and wow, did we eat well, had good shopping direction and the boat and crew were great. Besides, the weather was perfect. Thanks, Jackie
Visit our website for more information about our Wildland Adventures tours to Turkey or contact Turkey Program Director, Laura Finkelstein
keeping it wild, 
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