Redefining Adventure in Brazil’s Wild West (Part 2)

Redefining Adventure in Brazil’s Wild West (Part 2)
Here is part one if you haven't already read it:  Redefining Adventure in Brazil’s Wild West (Part 1) Prying ourselves away from the majesty of the Pantanal’s landscapes and warmhearted people was a difficult task. To ease the pain of separation, we were surprised with a traditional Pantaneiro lunch of epic proportions at the charming Recanto Vale do Sol. Greeted by a live local samba band, grilled meats galore, a refreshing swimming pool for a mid-day dip and bottomless caipirinhas, we were instantly reminded that there is no time to be forlorn in Brazil, because the best always yet to come! The second half of our adventures in Brazil was based from the adventure heaven of Bonito- an ecotourism paradise chock full of natural attractions and rich in culture. Crystal clear rivers, cascading waterfalls, epic caves, abundant wildlife, tempting culinary delights, and a strong sense of community make this area utterly...
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Redefining Adventure in Brazil’s Wild West (Part 1)

Redefining Adventure in Brazil’s Wild West (Part 1)
Vibrant sunsets, pastel sunrises, crystal clear waters, scuba diving, caving, country cycling, wildlife spotting and a real taste of the Pantaneiro (Brazilian cowboy) way of life: welcome to Brazil’s Wild West. Last month, I had the extraordinary opportunity to explore Mato Grosso do Sul on the Adventure Travel and Trade Association’s Adventure Week in Brazil . In ten days we covered two spectacular areas brimming with adventure, unique landscapes, quaint colonial towns, rustic ranches, charismatic people and the most tantalizing food! Our journey began in Corumba, a charming frontier town in the South Pantanal, seated on the mighty Paraguay River. The Pantanal , the largest continuous wetland on the planet, declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve, is South America's primary wildlife sanctuary. With a total area of approximately 58,000 square miles, the Pantanal marks the heart of the South American continent and brings together several diverse regions:...
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Is Travel to Peru Safe?

Is Travel to Peru Safe?
Peru , a country of magnificent people, culture, customs, geography and adventure is our number one pick for family's introductory experience to South America (Read more in our blog Peru vs Patagonia: Choosing the Right Multigenerational Trip ). While our guests prepare for their upcoming and/or future trips to Peru there are several main travel questions that we are often asked about. Below is a list of the most common questions we receive, addressed for travelers to feel informed, confident and, most of all, safe while traveling to this enchanting country. 1) ALTITUDE SICKNESS: Am I going to get altitude sickness while in Peru? How do I avoid altitude sickness? If I know I’m prone to altitude sickness, and still want to visit Peru, what can I do? The pleasures of trekking in the Andean highlands surrounded by the sheer geographic splendor and unique cultures that call the high Andes...
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Meet Your Guides: Luis at Explora Atacama

Meet Your Guides: Luis at Explora Atacama
As the year comes to a close, I wanted to take the time to highlight some of the key players in Wildland Adventures’ travel experience: our guides! This year, I had the chance to be out in the field with several of our amazing guides: Joao and Abadias in the Brazilian Amazon , Bira in Salvador , Tiago in Chapada Diamantia , Everaldo in Rio de Janeiro , Cata and Nicole in Torres del Paine , Chile and Oscar and Luis in Atacama , Chile . One of my favorite memories, while out in the field this past year, was hiking up Lascar Volcano with our guide Luis in the Atacama Desert in Chile . Luis has made a strong reputation for himself amongst Wildland travelers for his expert knowledge of astronomy while entertaining guests during his informative lectures about the night skies at the Explora Atacama observatory in addition...
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The Entire Trip Was Amazing

The Entire Trip Was Amazing
Listen to this solo female traveler share her experience of hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu ! “I had always wanted to see Machu Picchu, and for this trip I wanted something adventurous and physically challenging and Wildland Adventure’s Inca Trail Trek was the best I found! I loved the hike. The camp sites were awesome- I've never been so spoiled while hiking! Our guide, Elkin was awesome! Very knowledgeable, professional, and made sure that we all had everything we needed. The food on the trek was the most amazing- better than restaurant meals! I really appreciated that they made me vegetarian meals that were delicious. The entire trip was amazing. The people, the culture, the views, the trek... everything was wonderful.” To learn more about our Inca Trail Trek feel free to contact me. Your friendly South America Program Director, Gretchen 
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