Whales at the end of the Earth

Antartica - the opposite of the north pole. The opposite of what most people would think of when planning a vacation. It is the coldest, dryest, windiest continent on earth, so why would one woman choose to vacation there? Keiko started her adventure to Antartica by flying to Buenos Aires and boarding a boat in Ushuaia but her journey really b...
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6 Ways to Experience the Glaciers of Patagonia

6 Ways to Experience the Glaciers of Patagonia
I will always remember the first time I laid eyes on the Perito Moreno glacier. I had seen a lot of glaciers by this point in my life and visiting the Perito Moreno seemed more like checking a box than anything else.  After driving to the port, we boarded a boat and sailed off towards the front of the glacier.&nbs...
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Glacier Trekking in Patagonia: Viedma vs Perito Moreno

Glacier Trekking in Patagonia: Viedma vs Perito Moreno
There are few places in the world that offer such easy access to glaciers as Patagonia. With some of the largest glaciers in the world the fact that you can boat to, fly over, and even walk on these glaciers is incredible. Glacier trekking is a unique way to see these forces of nature from an entirely different vantage point. In Argentina, there ar...
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Exploring Undiscovered Patagonia: The Aysen

Exploring Undiscovered Patagonia: The Aysen
​"In parks…we recontact both certainty and uncertainty, the permeant and the changing, the stable and the spontaneous, the predictable and the novel. More philosophically put: we confront order and chaos. We go wild; we go where the Earth is still wild." – Holmes Rolston II  When you hear Patagonia, what do you think of? Most people will say t...
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How to Train Last Minute for a Big Adventure

How to Train Last Minute for a Big Adventure
Several months ago my co-workers and I decided to climb Washington's tallest peak, Mt. Rainier, which stands at 14,416'. Our goal was to use this climb to fundraise to bring solar power to five schools in Nepal that were devastated by the 2015 earthquake. I'm a very active person and have climbed some tall peaks, but climbing Mt. Rainier was by far my biggest objective to date. On top of that, my fellow co-workers are incredible athletes with a lot more experience in mountaineering and I wanted to make sure I could compete. My goal was to keep up my normal routine, and then train hard for the last two months before the climb. Unfortunately, I just didn't have extra time to start my training in June, so when July 1st came around, I knew I had to step up my game . Here is an outline of the five...
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