Eight Diamond in the Rough Destinations for 2016

Eight Diamond in the Rough Destinations for 2016
In celebration of Wildland Adventures 30th (diamond!) anniversary we’ve selected 8 of our hidden, and occasionally overlooked, gems. Some of these are trips that go further, to more remote areas or require a bit more of an adventurous spirit to get to. Others are ones that experienced travelers seek out and relish for their unique opportunity to see a long-established destination in a very different light. Still others are oft-overlooked destinations that really shouldn’t be. Below, we highlight misconceptions that might put some travelers off and what really makes the trip or destination really sparkle and shine. 8)  Ethiopia: Land of Legends Ethiopia is steeped in history and a crossroads of Africa and the Middle-East. This is an adventure traveler’s dream trip. The island monasteries of Bahir Dar, stone churches of Lallibella, the African Castles of Gondar, the Simien Mountains, Axum (the final resting place of the Ark of the...
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PostCards from the World, My Dreams of Peace

PostCards from the World, My Dreams of Peace
We believe in the power of travel to create understanding, brotherhood and peace on the planet. This is a really wonderful project that many Wildland family travelers , young travelers and teachers might be interested in participating and supporting. TIMOTCA, in partnership with Artsonia and Teachers Discovery, is connecting thousands of teachers around the world to have their students share “PostCards From The World, My Dream of Peace”. Creating small original art works, this project celebrates the creative spirit that is within all of us and has the power to change the world.     TIMOTCA, a nonprofit organization founded in 1980 launched the project to foster peace and cultural understanding through art and to build a Peace Monument and Cultural Center presenting the visual and performing arts of every country on earth. What a great project!      Art Beyond Borders is the first collection of postcards from 60...
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How To Find Your Lost Luggage Before The Airline Does

Has your bag been one of the roughly 2 million pieces of luggage that arrives late to the destination every year? It can happen anywhere but it seems to happen more often for our travelers flying long haul with multiple connections especially in winter with flight delays. Most often we see it happen to guests flying to South America and for their African safari via Nairobi, Arusha or Johannesburg than any other Wildland Adventures destination. Once your bag does make to the gateway city, we'll see that it is transported to you on safari, in the Galapagos, or wherever you may be. The tool to track your lost luggage.  Once you arrive and discover your bag is not on the carousel you must file a claim at which point you may experience resistance from overworked baggage claim personnel just giving you the runaround. Knowing where your luggage is before the...
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How to plan a trip to the Galapagos

If you’re like most aspiring Galapagos adventurers I encounter, you have Googled and looked at countless brochures and website after website about the iconic Galapagos Islands, only to become more confused. So many yachts, islands, itineraries! And what’s all this about naturalist guide ratings? When I initially speak with my Galapagos travelers, I try to zero in on the following: · When are you traveling? The Galapagos Islands don’t adhere to “normal” rules of weather cycles, so don’t try to fit them into our seasons. They are governed by ocean currents more than anything. · Are you motion-sensitive? PLEASE don’t allow the fear of seasickness to put you off a Galapagos voyage! There are steps we can take to alleviate the effects – from choosing a calm weather period to finding a yacht and cabin location that will lessen the effects of “sway.” The trip itinerary can make all the...
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My Amazing Nicaragua Family Vacation

Dear Wildland Adventures, I wanted to personally thank you for helping us plan our trip to Nicaragua . Our family has done many amazing trips but this trip really stands out. My boys, 14 and 16, said it was their favorite trip ever . They really enjoyed being in a completely different culture. The Nicaraguan people were amazing-- nice, friendly and generous about sharing their knowledge. I also think my kids enjoyed being in a place that wasn't saturated with material things. They learned, explored, adventured and also practiced their Spanish which motivated them to work hard in their Spanish classes to be able to come back. Thank you for making the donation to the school children. It was absolutely one of my favorite days in Nicaragua. The people of the Islands of Lake Nicaragua - Islets of Granada were so fascinating. Our tour guide, a 9th generation native, was...
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