Catering to Boomer Travelers, Part II

In my initial response,  Catering to Boomer Travelers Part I ,  from a query I received by a Wall Street Journal writer asking us how boomer travelers ages 50 plus can live an interesting life into their senior years I replied, "Travel, of course!!" She also asked me what kinds of trips we offer and some revealing characteristics that distinguish our adventure travel company from others. This is how I replied to her: Spirit of Adventure:  Wildland Adventures are physical, intellectual and spiritual adventures versus a physically risky or arduous challenge. The real adventure comes from new insights, experiencing the awe found in nature, encounters with local cultures, and the excitement of personal discovery that we strive to build into every itinerary and encourage in the spirit of every traveler. We know that creating indelible bonds, breaking down barriers that separate and divide, and facilitating situations where travelers can feel...
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Catering To Boomer Travelers, Part I

I received a query from a journalist asking us how travelers ages 50 plus can live an interesting life into their senior years. To which I replied, "Travel, of course!!" She asked me how we prepare boomers for adventure travel and what kinds of trips we offer that cater to travelers ages 50+. Although we have offered trips for families for many years, most of our Wildland Adventures around the world are designed for adults 50+. In fact, after more than a quarter century pioneering ecotourism and adventure travel around the world, many of the former parents who traveled with us when their kids were young and at home are now grandparents taking the whole clan to the rainforests of Costa Rica, on safari in Africa, to learn about evolution and see the amazing wildlife of Galapagos, or to explore the Mayan ruins of Belize and Guatemala. First of all,...
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