Why Travel to Cambodia?

Ruins and lake
Cambodia is a striking country worth visiting as much for its people as for its culture. Many people run through this country too fast, ticking Angkor Wat off their list and moving on. But Cambodia is home to so much more in vibrant cities rich with history both ancient and modern, pristine white sand beaches, and passionate welcomin...
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Explore Easter Island: The Most Remote Inhabited Place on Earth

Chile is a country that, from north to south, reaches over 4,300 kilometers in a narrow strip of land between the rugged Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Such a great expanse gives way to an array of privileged landscapes - beginning with the planet's most arid desert, transitioning through a fertile central valley, down through a land of lak...
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Journal About Your Travel for Richer Memories

Journal About Your Travel for Richer Memories
Our guest blogger is Dave Fox, author of several books on travel writing and an experienced travel guide. Wildland Adventures is thrilled to be working with Dave Fox on an upcoming hosted tour Vietnam: Travel Writing with Dave Fox. The journey will begin in the south in Ho Chi Minh City. You'll spend a few days getting a taste of rural Vietnamese life in the Mekong Delta before flying to Hanoi in the north. The trip will conclude with two days cruising on a private junk boat through Halong Bay. Of course, Dave will infuse the journey with his writing expertise, deep knowledge of Vietnam and witty humor. For more details on the trip, email our Vietnam Program Director or call (800)345-4453.  Our vacations are often short, yet we invest a lot of time and money into making them happen. Why? Because a two-week vacation lasts a lot longer than...
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Still So Excited by the Huge Variety of Birds We Were Able to Capture on Film

Still So Excited by the Huge Variety of Birds We Were Able to Capture on Film
This adventurous couple just returned from a 17-day customized Manu Wildlife Safari Overland Adventure . After visiting Cusco, The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, several areas of the Amazon, the Colca Canyon and Arequipa, see what wisdom they have to share! “The trip was amazing; it enabled us to see many aspects of Peru--from Machu Picchu that we had heard so much about to the huge variety of animals (especially birds!) We really enjoyed the overall impression of Peru--so many aspects! We loved all the ruins and terraces that illustrated how vast the Inca influence was and surprisingly how much was pre-Inca. Fascinating to see how much remains the same. Two of our favorite experiences were: 1) The Amazonia Lodge en route to Manu National Park- there were so many great birds! 2) In Arequipa, we saw "juanita", the ice maiden: definitely worth it—fascinating!   Our guides were good! Vignor was...
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Manaus: Gateway to the Amazon & Unlikely Cultural Center

Manaus: Gateway to the Amazon & Unlikely Cultural Center
Manaus is green and tranquilly chaotic with charming and inviting people. It is a city where over 600 billion-dollar industries collide with the impending brute force of the surrounding sea of inhospitable jungle. No man-made roads lead to Manaus; there was a failed attempt at one from Matto Grosso, which the Amazon took hold of and promptly re-ingested into its suffocating embrace. Now, the only ways into the city are, as was always the case, via one of the thousands of waterways winding their way to the Amazon itself, and flight. The heat has character. It has a weight, music and flavor all its own; it works its way into the wood of the small houses along the riverbanks, into the fibers of clothing and finally into deeper epidermal layers where it gleefully takes hold. It smells lush- every plant fighting to dominate the dense air with its own native,...
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Kurt Kutay
I'm headed to Manaus next month and can't wait. Thanks for sharing. Love the cool varieties of fish from the Amazon River!
Wednesday, 12 August 2015 14:44
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