Review from a 3rd Grader Part 3: Five Reasons an Alaska Family Trip is Awesome

Child on an Alaska Cruise
1. It's awesome! They never leave you on shore to just find something to do, they always plan activities and the activities are always fun. You can go kayaking, hiking, skiff touring, or bushwhacking, which is going on land and walking through the forest with a guide who tells you about the different kinds of trees, and plants, and animals, an...
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Piranha Fishing & Machu Picchu

Piranha Fishing & Machu Picchu
This Wild family of three just returned from a custom adventure to Machu Picchu and the Amazon .  After hiking a segment of the Inca Trail, getting a taste of Peru’s cutting edge culinary delights, mountain biking through the highlands and ending piranha fishing in the Amazon, they had quite a few stories to share! “Gretchen, thanks to you and the entire Wildland Adventures team, we enjoyed a fantastic vacation!  Started off very well with your recommendation and subsequent reservation at Casa Moreyra, Astird & Gaston in Lima for our first amazing dinner (Astird introduced herself and we had a very nice chat J).   Accommodations, activities and most importantly, the Wildland Adventures representatives, drivers and naturalists/guides throughout our Peruvian adventure were top-notch!   Today alone, I’ve mentioned/recommended Wildland Adventures multiple times to friends at work. Top on my list; Piranha fishing, mountain biking, Inca Trail to Sun Gate & Huayna Picchu/Wayna...
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Taking the family to the Galapagos? Here are a few things to know!

Taking the family to the Galapagos?  Here are a few things to know!
I admit I may be a bit biased, but I believe the Galapagos Islands may be one of the best destinations on Earth for family travel.  They offer the perfect combination of education and fun activities - hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, and now even stand-up paddle-boarding on some vessels!  We work with yachts offering a range of family-friendly cabin configurations, and naturalist guides who are experts at not only imparting great information but also bringing all the kids onboard together in activities, promoting connections and friendships.  What are other differences in Family Departures that set them apart from regular Galapagos voyages?   The yachts with designated Family Departures will accept younger kids on those special dates.  For example, the Eric or Letty normally set a cut-off age of 12 years on regular sailings, but if you choose a Family Departure, the minimum age can drop to 5 years. Another favorite Family...
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The Hiking was Wonderful!!

The Hiking was Wonderful!!
This active family of four just returned from a custom Hikers Patagonia Adventure in Patagonia and share some of their incredible experiences: “First of all, we enjoyed all the hiking- it was wonderful!! Second, we loved all of our guides!  Lorena in Santiago took care of us well. Chris in Patagonia Camp was good and entertaining. Ismail, Frederico in Calafate were great. Andres in El Chalten was especially good. Had a nice pace for hiking and just an easy guy to be around for 9-10 hours. His knowledge of geology was great and interesting to us. Patagonia Camp yurts were fun, unique, warm, cozy, and loved that they were separated. El Puma , in El Chalten, was very comfortable and well situated. Loved Alta Vista in El Calafate because I wouldn't have wanted to be in town. I loved hiking from the house and riding the horses was special. Alta...
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Cultural encounters were the surprise of our Tanzania Safari

Cultural encounters were the surprise of our Tanzania Safari
When the Kaplan family traveled to Tanzania on our Serengeti Family Safari in June they knew that they were in for some great wildlife. What was unexpected was the people that they met and the cultures that they experienced along the way. "The entire trip was fabulous. The highlight was actually the cultural encounters that we had. I expected the animal part of the safari but our visit with the Bushman was beyond anything I could imagine and my kids loved playing soccer, volleyball, and frisbee with the locals. Our guide Dominic was unbelievable. He was incredibly knowledgeable but was also a truly amazing person. He kept everyone engaged and let things be spontaneous, making time to add to our itinerary where beneficial. We LOVED him! My favorite experience was hunting with the Bushman and learning about their culture. We also had a great interaction with some women in the...
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