Visit Khao Yai National Park with Wildland!

Khao Yai Grasslands
Located a short 3-hour drive from Bangkok, Khao Yai National Park is a beautiful sanctuary for a diverse collection of wildlife encompassing 320 species of birds and 66 species of mammals, including a healthy population of about 200 wild elephants. It is the oldest of the national parks in Thailand and part of a large forest complex declared a Worl...
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Peru and Galapagos Islands Adventures Part 1

Peru and Galapagos Islands Adventures Part 1
Our very happy alumni travelers, Steve & Allison, are currently on a celebratory Galapagos and Machu Picchu trip honoring their 34th wedding anniversary. They sent us this recap of day one on the Peru portion of their trip. (We will feature Galapagos post-trip, promise!) Peru Day 1 Our Galapagos days are over. We got off the boat, checked into ...
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Step up your adventure in Patagonia!

Step up your adventure in Patagonia!
We love getting updates from our travelers in the field. Keiko, a Wildland alumni currently on our Hiker's Patagonia Adventure , sent us this epic photo from Fitz Roy in Los Glaciares National Park. Her reaction is the same one I had the first time I saw Fitz Roy peek out from under a blanket of cloud cover – an overwhelming feeling of wonder at th...
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How to Train Last Minute for a Big Adventure

How to Train Last Minute for a Big Adventure
Several months ago my co-workers and I decided to climb Washington's tallest peak, Mt. Rainier, which stands at 14,416'. Our goal was to use this climb to fundraise to bring solar power to five schools in Nepal that were devastated by the 2015 earthquake. I'm a very active person and have climbed some tall peaks, but climbing Mt. Rainier was by far my biggest objective to date. On top of that, my fellow co-workers are incredible athletes with a lot more experience in mountaineering and I wanted to make sure I could compete. My goal was to keep up my normal routine, and then train hard for the last two months before the climb. Unfortunately, I just didn't have extra time to start my training in June, so when July 1st came around, I knew I had to step up my game . Here is an outline of the five...
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Rugged Beauty, Remoteness and Lack of People

Rugged Beauty, Remoteness and Lack of People
This couple just returned from a custom trip to Patagonia with their friends. Starting in Santiago, they worked their way down to Torres del Paine National Park for hiking and exploring the environs and then came back north to visit the rustic coastal vineyards. “Torres del Paine national park and all of Patagonia stood out the most to us during this trip because of the rugged beauty, remoteness and the lack of people. Tierra Patagonia was awesome in the true sense of the word!! The staff was extremely professional, friendly and helpful. They went out of their way to accommodate our needs. It was an excellent stay. The views from Tierra Patagonia will provide peace and tranquility to me for many, many years. The park was breathtaking and the activities offered were numerous and there were several levels of abilities from which to choose. The guides at Tierra Patagonia were...
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