7 Wild Wonders You Need to Experience - Part 1: Animals

1. Observe the Bears of North America (Grizzly & Polar) From the temperate coastal rain-forest and rugged mountains of British Columbia and Alaska to the gigantic glaciers and brilliant blue ice bergs of the polar region, grizzly bears and polar bears are the most revered bears in the world. To see one in the wild is an...
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New 7 Wonders of the World - How Many Have You Seen?

Historians can tell us stories of ancient civilizations but nothing compares to actually walking through the ancient ruins of Macchu Picchu or standing below the ivory-white marble of the Taj Mahal. The New 7 wonders of the world were chosen in 2007, all incredible feats of architecture, representing vastly different civili...
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Guest Review: Why Kerala Should Be Part of your Visit to India

Southern India is a magical experience for the traveler who enjoys wildlife, picturesque hill towns, temples and monasteries of great religious, cultural and historic importance. Allison Posner wanted to to see all of this on her trip to India. Laura, our Asia program director, worked with her to create an itinerary that included the region of...
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Happy Diwali! What You Should Know About India's Festival of Light

For the next several days India will be alight with candles and fireworks, people giving gifts, and celebrating with family and friends.  I t is the return  of the festival of  Diwali or Deepwali, t he biggest and brightest of all Hindu festivals celebrated in India . It's the festival of lights ( deep = light and avali = a row ...
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New Himalayan Wildlife Quest for the Snow Leopard

snow leopard
Extraordinary wildlife encounters like this are few and far between for most travelers. Some species are so rare and elusive only a handful of intrepid travelers seek them out. The "Grey Ghost" of the Himalayas almost sounds like mythical folklore, and the quest to find it is alluring. Now the chances to see them are better than ever. We are excite...
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