Wildstyle Boutique Accommodations of India

India is one of those places where the accommodation adds so much to the experience of the trip. Travel in India can be hectic and hot, dusty and tiring, so where you kick back at the end of the day is important to refresh and reflect on your experience. It's worth it to seek out that hotel that is unique to your interests or to the surroundings an...
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Leopards, Tigers, and Dhole?

Wildlife trips to India often focus on leopard, tiger, or even sloth bear and such sightings are a spectacular experience and truly the highlight of any safari in India. With all of these animals listed as vulnerable and endangered species, one should feel quite lucky to have shared a moment in the jungle with them. But there is another k...
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Travelers Wanted for October Tigers and Travels in India

Our Tigers and Travels trip to India is an in-depth and comprehensive tour dedicated to the search for the elusive Bengal tiger and discovery of ancient civilizations out of which arose the contemporary cultural and spiritual fabric of modern India. We currently have an active retired couple from California looking for others to join them on o...
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Travel through a storybook

Keep peace with Lords of the Jungle the Tiger, the Panther, and Bear. And trouble not Hathi the Silent, and mock not the Boar in his lair. - Rudyard Kipling, Jungle Book With rolling hills of teak stands and animals around every bend, it is Pench National Park that inspired Rudyard Kipling to write The Jungle Book . On my visit to the park, it was ...
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Trending in Travel - 2017 Edition

Trending in Travel - 2017 Edition
We've read many opinions as of late about the new and upcoming trends in adventure. So we queried our greatest resource, our world-class Wild Alumni! Following is a list of vacation fodder that's trending in 2017. One thing we know for sure, from remote African safaris and Baffin Island expeditions, to emerging destinations like Myanmar and Cuba, w...
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