The Amazon or the Pantanal - Which one is for you?

Amazon - Boats, Jungle, Culture WHAT:  The Brazilian Amazon is famous for its unique ecosystem, stunning waterways and lush jungle vegetation. The rivers in the Amazon are vast, spanning 5 million km ² and spreading into 9 countries. Eighty percent of the Amazon is in Brazilian territory, along with the confluence of the "Negro" and the "...
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Top Five Experiences on our Inca Trail Trek and Amazon Adventure

Top Five Experiences on our Inca Trail Trek and Amazon Adventure
Machu Picchu is one of the seven wonders of the world and its spot is well deserved. The list below breaks down this wonder even more, describing five awesome reasons a trip to Machu Picchu & the Peruvian Amazon should be number one, not seven, on your list of places to go. Spoiler: the last reason is time sensitive... 5) Arriving at the Inca town of Wiñay Wayna After three unforgettable days on the Inca Trail, you arrive at Wiñay Wayna, an Incan town perched on a steep forested slope high above the Urubamba River. You wander its large complex of ancient dwellings, terraces, and still functioning waterworks thinking about how far you’ve come, how unbelievable the journey has been so far, and how excited you are for what lays ahead – the “lost city in the clouds”, Machu Picchu. 4) Paddling the Amazon River Traveling downstream by dugout canoe,...
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Piranha Fishing & Machu Picchu

Piranha Fishing & Machu Picchu
This Wild family of three just returned from a custom adventure to Machu Picchu and the Amazon .  After hiking a segment of the Inca Trail, getting a taste of Peru’s cutting edge culinary delights, mountain biking through the highlands and ending piranha fishing in the Amazon, they had quite a few stories to share! “Gretchen, thanks to you and the entire Wildland Adventures team, we enjoyed a fantastic vacation!  Started off very well with your recommendation and subsequent reservation at Casa Moreyra, Astird & Gaston in Lima for our first amazing dinner (Astird introduced herself and we had a very nice chat J).   Accommodations, activities and most importantly, the Wildland Adventures representatives, drivers and naturalists/guides throughout our Peruvian adventure were top-notch!   Today alone, I’ve mentioned/recommended Wildland Adventures multiple times to friends at work. Top on my list; Piranha fishing, mountain biking, Inca Trail to Sun Gate & Huayna Picchu/Wayna...
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I had no idea Peru was so gorgeous!

I had no idea Peru was so gorgeous!
This family of four just returned from a week-long trip to the Andean highlands and was blown away by Peru’s beauty. “We had an amazing time. We all loved Peru and said it's the best family trip we've had. Everything was incredible. I had wanted to go to Machu Picchu and I was celebrating a big birthday this year. Several friends had used Wildland and had excellent trips and so we decided to plan something with you for Peru. Peru was easy to get to and allowed us to do a short enough trip to schedule with my adult children. I had no idea Peru was so gorgeous. It was an eye opener. We enjoyed everything. Machu Picchu was magical. Lima was probably our least favorite place, however, our guide did a great job of making the city feel smaller and more special. It was the perfect amount of time...
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Father-Son Team Tackle Inca Trail

Father-Son Team Tackle Inca Trail
Re-trace the steps of 10 time alumni traveler, John, and his son Robby, who recently returned from a stellar father-son journey into the high Andes and along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu .   “We are loyal to Wildland, having taken ~11 trips with you over the past 10 years. You always do a great job for us!   Gretchen did an outstanding job of putting together an itinerary that met our needs and ensured our satisfaction.  As usual, you handled all the details perfectly. We enjoyed virtually everything - Cusco has the history, the excitement, the food and the cultural attractions; the Sacred Valley helped immerse us in the Inca culture and exposed us to fabulous ruins, the Inca Trail was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that was both challenging and supremely rewarding.  I would not have changed a thing. Our guide, Fisher did a great job throughout. He was...
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