Walks and Wines of Geneva Region, Switzerland

We started our journey of Switzerland walking and "wining" our way through the more urbane French-speaking region of Lake Geneva.  In a well planned and orchestrated itinerary, we moved easily through the countryside from Geneva, to Lausanne and Montreux  by train, boat, walking and bicycle. Sharing 95% of its borders with France, the seat of many international organizations, and a favorite respite and creative hangout for Freddy Mecury, Phil Collins, David Bowie, Audrey Hepburn, and many other celebrities and lesser known sophisticates, the Geneva region has it all. We walked the cobblestone streets of the old towns and hit several farmer's markets where we stocked up on cheese, olives, wine and fresh baked goods for our afternoon appetizers or lunches on the train. Historically, Geneva was a strategic transport and trade route used by the Romans, and later controled by the Savoys who built a series of baronies and castellanies throughout this...
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Switzerland Through The Front Door

Traveling through "the front door" of Switzerland we've been staying in the finest 5* hotels, but it's not just about the luxe, it's literally a window into the history, the landscape and the finest people who love to share their beautiful country. For 10 days we have ventured from the French speaking Geneva region, into the German-Swiss Berner Oberland and Valais regions of the Alps, then south to the warmer Mediterranean climes of Italian speaking Ticino province. You get an idea of just how spectacular the Swiss landscape is from the views of our rooms at the amazing hotels we've been staying in and the scenic trains from region to region (with our Swiss passes, of course). The pics in this blog are all taken of the hotels, or from the inside of our rooms looking out! Like anywhere in the world, careful choice of accommodations and rooms can be an integral part...
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