Why Travel to Cambodia?

Ruins and lake
Cambodia is a striking country worth visiting as much for its people as for its culture. Many people run through this country too fast, ticking Angkor Wat off their list and moving on. But Cambodia is home to so much more in vibrant cities rich with history both ancient and modern, pristine white sand beaches, and passionate welcomin...
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​Frequently Asked Questions on New Cuba Travel Restrictions

June 21, 2017  President Trump's recent pronouncement to impose new restrictions on travel to Cuba will not have any consequential impact on our trips there. Although there will be a few hotels we may not be able to use any more, there are many other accommodations including small boutique properties we are already working with and many others...
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3 Great Opportunities for Travel to Africa in 2017-18

3 Great Opportunities for Travel to Africa in 2017-18
​2017 is shaping up to be a wild year for travel to Africa! From our Private Kenya Family Safari to our Ultimate Namibia Safari and nearly everywhere in between, I'm seeing great interest in the continent from first-time and repeat travelers alike. Below are three opportunities to consider right now so you don't miss out on your safari in Africa. ​...
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April 29: Colorful Cuba

April 29: Colorful Cuba
For Americans, Cuba occupies a mysterious and complex place in the lexicon of our cultural and political history. Once beloved as a socialite playground, the Havana high life of the early 20th Century gave rise to the Communist revolution prompting an enduring embargo for generations. Wildland Adventures founders, Kurt and Anne Kutay, arrived in Cu...
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Top Five Travel Tips for Female Travelers

Top Five Travel Tips for Female Travelers
We asked the women of Wildland Adventures to share their special considerations for when they take a journey to lands far and near. Each had something unique to share that could enhance a journey for anyone, not only women, anywhere. Rachael Garret, Vice President Operations: "I always keep my passport and 'main' money well-hidden and have only wha...
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