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Takeaways From The Galapagos

Takeaways From The Galapagos

Guest review from Val B, a grandma traveling with her daughter and two grandkids to the Galapagos.

First off, Wildland Adventures provided excellent materials and prep work for our Galapagos Family Adventure.

All crew on the ship (Flamingo I) were excellent. They worked for us, but seemingly enjoyed each other, too. Which makes for a great team spirit and enthusiasm that could be "felt" by all. Our Naturalist guides, Gabby and Karina were exceptionally knowledgeable, and nice. There wasn't one question they couldn't answer fully. At the end, it was like we were "family" --- I've been on a lot of tours (Africa, China, Peru, Antarctica) and NEVER had such a great experience with trip leaders. Our local (Quito) guide, Marya, was super nice, friendly, and took us to really fun places. And, I LOVED that Karina made a cd of her photos and video for each of us. Plus the accommodations on the ship were a ten-plus and Casa Alisa before our cruise in Quito was phenomenal!!

The food was way beyond my expectations, gourmet presentation, wine with each dinner, choices of fish or meat or vegan, wonderful juices for breakfast, delightful desserts… We enjoyed it all!

The "take-away" which Gabby and Karina emphasized, was that the Galapagos represents what needs to happen in the world; conservation, preserving species, appreciating the natural environment. It is clear how "people/civilization" impacts the world we share with all living things. How our "demands" for water, technology, food, etc. should "demand" that we take care of the places we inhabit.  

I'm the gramma (age 71), so there may be other grandmothers/fathers who wonder if this trip is "doable" for them so they can take grandkids, as I did. The answer is yes… as long as you build up muscles/endurance/balance skills and be willing to push yourself outside a comfort zone.


Val B. 

Wildland guest traveling on our Galapagos Family Adventure.

Check out photos from Val's daughter Lanelle took from their trip:

Kutay family adventures in the early years
Rare Photos of Baby Harpy Eagle

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