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Tanzania Family Safari

Tanzania Family Safari

We were always interested in going on a safari. In 3rd grade, my youngest did a research project on Tanzania and every time we looked something up on the internet, vacation ideas would pop up which got us thinking more about how wonderful it would be! It was exceptional – Haji, our guide, was amazing, the itinerary just right and every experience was so special. We loved the game drives but the experiences with the people were the ones that really touched our whole family. Being with the Maasai was so different and they were incredibly welcoming. It felt so unique and adventurous to be with the Bushmen. The school that we visited was amazing, and the children adorable and curious. Staying at the Simiyu Tented camp was unbelievable, exciting and a little scary. Knowing a buffalo was grazing right outside our tents was crazy! And seeing one 3 feet away from us using a flashlight as we walked back to our tent at night was thrilling! Experiencing and sharing all of this as a family was wonderful, we will all remember this trip forever, it was a 10 out of 10!  

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