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Tanzania Safari Review: "Prepare yourself for wonders you can hardly imagine!"


Amanda was the grand prize winner for our Tanzania safari trip giveaway to celebrate our 30th year anniversary. She was delighted to win and took her daughter with her to celebrate her recent graduation. 

"This trip was one of the highlights of my life, and I still can't believe we won. Throughout, I was struck by how very big and very small our world is at the same time, and how kindness is our universal language. I really enjoyed everything about the trip. I especially loved the time we spent with people from the Datoga tribe watching their metalworking techniques, because I also do metalwork, and I loved seeing the tools and techniques they used. I also loved every game drive we went on; I felt like I had become part of a National Geographic special, or like it was Marlin Perkins, Jim Fowler, and me making our very own episode of Wild Kingdom."

"I was impressed with everyone who guided us on this trip. Sylvester, our main guide for the entire trip, was fabulous. He was able to answer every question we had, had a great sense of humor, and made friends everywhere he went. Rasooli was our guide and interpereter for the time we spent with the Hadzabe and Datoga, and was a lot of fun and had a very impressive facility for languages. I saw him comfortably communicate in 5 of them. Rahema guided us on a tour through Mto Wa Mbu, showing us a rice growing operation (I fell into an irrigation ditch there, much to my daughter's amusement), the local marketplace, a banana plantation, a Makonde woodworking co-op, a painting co-op, and several individual artisans. I got to do a bit of beading on leather that was to become part of a pair of sandals. She also took us to learn about the traditions around making banana beer. We both really enjoyed the time we spent with her."

"All of the places we stayed stood out, and all were uniquely wonderful. Maramboi is a perfect balance of rustic and elegant, and the people who work there are so lovely. We couldn't imagine that we'd like the other places we were going nearly as much, but we did! Kisima Ngeda was a tranquil haven and is the kind of setting where it feels like time just slows down. The Ngorongoro Farmhouse is very commodious and beautiful, with fabulous gardens. It was the fanciest of our accommodations, while still being warmly hospitable and welcoming. Kati Kati tented camp was pretty much my idea of heaven. It's the kind of setting where I can picture Hemingway on his African adventures. I loved being in a tent in the middle of the Serengeti, hearing the animals outside of it at night, and watching the spectacular sunrise every morning we were there. We stayed there twice as long as we stayed anywhere else, and spent a lot of the time that we weren't on game drives hanging out in the dining tent with the staff. They could not have been more wonderful to us and we both felt genuinely sad to say goodbye to the people we met there. We hope to stay in touch, and to see each other again."

"In addition to excellent information about what to bring in terms of clothing and gear, passport and visa requirements, travel meds and vaccinations, weather considerations, currency needs, gratuities, and electrical adaptors, we recieved a fantastic list of relevant books, both fiction and nonfiction, movies, and music. As a constant reader, I really loved having such a great list of books to use in getting ready for this trip. Every day of the trip was uniquely interesting and inspiring. I can't imagine a better trip. If you're going to Tanzania, embrace every moment of it, take one less pair of pants, and two fewer shirts, keep your eyes and your mind wide open, and prepare yourself for wonders you can hardly imagine." - Amanda F.

If your interested in a safari in Tanzania give us a call at 800-345-4453 or check out all of our trips to Tanzania.

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