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The Best Hotels in Torres del Paine

The Best Hotels in Torres del Paine

Patagonia is rugged nature in its wildest form with immense spaces, jagged peaks, and pristine rivers. Trips to Patagonia offer the best of our natural world so it's only fitting that your base for exploration be the best as well. Check out our favorite accommodation options in Torres del Paine below.

Yurt Style
Staying at an eco yurt camp is glamping at its finest: cozy yurts, a relaxed atmosphere, and some of nature's best right outside your door. Yurts are the right choice for those looking for a comfortable bed to sleep in each night, but who still want to feel connected to the elements around them.

Patagonia Camp

Patagonia Camp
Rooms: 20 yurts
All inclusive? Yes, menu of excursions
Price: $$$

Patagonia Camp sits in a beautiful location on the shores of Lago Toro, on the edge of Torres del Paine national park, and its luxury yurts offer a peaceful and remote base to explore Torres del Paine. Each of the rooms are free standing yurts with a private terrace, central heating, and private bathroom. Inside there is a simple blend of natural wood and cotton fabrics that give them an airy and open feel – especially as they all have great views out to the lake and to the Cuernos in the far distance. Patagonia Camp is located in a private reserve just outside of the park's boundaries, which can make for a bit more drive time overall than some place like Explora, and especially for excursions on the east side of the park.

Patagonia Camp is all-inclusive so all meals and guided excursions are included in your stay. You can choose from a menu of excursions each day (you can take any one of 20 excursions on any day of the week). Patagonia Camp offers more off the beaten track adventures in addition to the standard routes such as horseback riding, kayaking and fishing. Their guides are highly experienced and passionate about the national park and its wildlife and wilderness first aid certified. Patagonia Camp is ideal for those looking for a for a more 'close-to-nature' feel while still enjoying a luxurious and intimate lodging experience at a more modest price point.


Eco Camp
Rooms: 35 yurts
All inclusive? Yes, fixed excursions
Price: $$$

EcoCamp is only a stone's throw from the Mirador de Torres trek, located at the boundary of the park. The domes vary depending on what dome type you're in but the superior domes are free standing yurt style with a wood burning stove and private bathroom (standard domes have no heat or private bathroom). The geodesic domes are built in the same shape as the ancient Kaweskar tribe dwellings. Their structure produces minimal environmental impact while providing an efficient thermal and wind resistant unit, with great exposure to nature in the most magnificent Patagonian setting

EcoCamp is all-inclusive with a selection of 9 excursions running on fixed days of the week. They offer mountain biking, kayaking and fishing as well as puma tracking. EcoCamp has a great team of guides who are all wilderness first aid certified as well as a designated puma tracker.


Patagonia is home to epic lodges: by day, join excursions with expert guides into the park and spend your evenings in comfort with spa service and world class meals waiting for you. Lodges are best for those who want to explore nature during the day and relax in luxury by night.


Explora Patagonia Lodge
Rooms: 51 rooms
All inclusive? Yes, menu of excursions
Price: $$$$$

Located in arguably the best position of any of the properties that are allowed to be inside the park, the Explora Patagonia, also called Salto Chico, is truly a stunning lodge. Nestled on Lake Pehoe it has breathtaking views of the Paine ridge and the granite towers. The rooms are modern and simple, designed to put the focus on the nature around you and the hotel itself was cleverly designed so that all the rooms take in the view around you.

Explora is all inclusive and offers over 50 excursions to choose from on any day of the week. Located in the south central region of the park, on Lake Pehoe which connects to other lakes in the park and with the use of a private catamaran Explora has better and more regular access to Grey Glacier, excursions as well as the French Valley. It is also the only lodge to have their own horses and stable, with by far the best and most comprehensive equestrian offerings.They have their own estancia and stable with a world class horse trainer. Being a lodge, they offer a range of amenities from a spa to a swimming pool to an outdoor Jacuzzi for you to enjoy after a day of hiking or riding.



Rooms: 40 rooms
All inclusive? Yes, menu of excursions
Price: $$$$

Tierra is renowned throughout Chile for their highly passionate guides and quality excursions. Their newest addition in Patagonia is no different. Located on a bluff where Lake Sarmiento meets the Patagonian pampa the award-winning architectural marvel sits by the Northern entrance of the Torres del Paine National Park and offers sweeping views of the Torres range from every angle. The building was designed to seamlessly blend with the landscape of Patagonia and the interior is contemporary with a hearty mix of locally sourced materials. It has an infinity pool and spa for relaxing after a hard day of activity.  Positioned on the eastern edge of the park, but still central enough so you can enjoy any of Torres del Paine's highlights, but they can also do some off-the-beaten path hikes in the Sierra Baguales, a lesser known area with remarkable geology and abundant fossils. ​

Tierra offers full day and half day excursions everyday as part of their package and includes hiking, 4x4 excursions, horse riding, sailing and bikes for rent. Many of the trails are exclusive to Tierra Patagonia - the hotel prides itself on helping you explore less frequented areas



Rooms: 12 villas
All inclusive? Yes, completely customized
Price: $$$$$

Awasi Patagonia is the ultimate in customized experience. The lodge was designed as a luxe estancia and is secluded in a private reserve neighboring the national park. While Awasi's location is a bit farther east than the other lodges adds a bit of drive time for many excursions, the remoteness often means more wildlife activity and abundant empty hiking trails you will have all on your own. The lodge consists of 12 individual villas inspired by old Patagonian shelters and ranching outposts, spaced out to promote seclusion and privacy. All villas provide equally fantastic views of the main attraction in the area, the Torres range and Sarmiento Lake. The indigenous fauna remains intact in these forests and plains, where there are sightings of guanacos, ñandús (rheas), foxes, condors and, occasionally, pumas.

The Awasi experience differentiates itself from other lodges by providing you with your own guide and vehicle made available to you for the duration of your stay, so you can make the most of your location in your own time. There is plenty to explore within the 15,000 acre reserve and the national park is just a short drive away. Your private guide will tailor each day's excursions to your interests, fitness levels, and time.

Hotels that Blend Urban with Nature

Loving nature and urban areas are not mutually exclusive. The town of Puerto Natales is not only the gateway to Torres del Paine but a hub for some of the best fjord kayaking in the region and home to quaint streets, museums, and world class restaurants. These hotels offer you the best of both worlds – easy access to the natural wonders of the park as well as live music, good food, and local culture in Puerto Natales. Choose one of these if you want to explore the natural beauty of the area and discover an authentic and inclusive view of Patagonia as a region.  

The Singular

The Singular Patagonia
Rooms: 57 rooms
All inclusive? Full board or bed and breakfast
Price: $$$$$

The Singular is much more than a luxury hotel – it's living history at its most refined. It was recognized as a "National Historic Landmark" by the government in 1996. The hotel is a refurbished cold storage plant, originally built in 1915, that sits on the shores of the Fjord of Last hope. The hotel has done its best to retain the historical character and it lies somewhere between hotel and exhibit with original furnaces, old factory floors, and a museum dedicated to the history of the region.

The rooms are modern and boast floor to ceiling windows with views of the fjord. The restaurant is considered the best in the region and serves up Patagonian dishes produced with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The hotel has a state of the art spa and offers a wide range of activities from day trips to the park to kayaking the fjords to cycling through town to sailing on one of its privately owned boats. The hotel's manifesto is evident in its guided excursions which focus on adventure as well as an understanding and appreciation of the local history.


Rooms: 72 rooms
All inclusive? Yes, menu of excursions
Price: $$$$

Remota was designed to maintain a connection with the natural surroundings. Inspired by the sheep farm buildings of Patagonia, the Remota looks like a long, thin strip of land from a distance. The big, black barn has a low profile aided by its living roof - 2 feet of grass grows atop the building. The rooms are truly spectacular, using vaulted ceilings combined with natural woods and whitewashed concrete to create warm and inviting areas. Floor to ceiling windows offer vast views of the fjords and distant mountains.

Remota offers more than 30 different hikes, rides, kayak trips and biking trails in their adventure package. Remota was revolutionary in offering trips both inside and outside of Torres del Paine National Park. As well as classic hikes, you can spot condors at Cerro Benítez, ride horses to Sierra Dorotea or hike in the Sierra Baguales. Back at the lodge you'll find a spa, indoor fire pits in warm communal spaces, and a swimming pool. 

Remota is open year round which is rare in Patagonia.

Know which option is right for you? Having a hard time narrowing it down? Check out our trips to Patagonia or contact us!

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