The Best Trip to Nicaragua

It’s time to play big time! This July 12-21th I am personally escorting an exclusive once in a lifetime trip to Nicaragua and I couldn't be more excited about it. We've pulled some string to design an incredible trip that is jam-packed with adventure, history and plenty of breathtaking views! Seriously, we worked our tails off to create this Escorted Nicaragua Adventure Tour all so we could show some lucky guests everything Nicaragua has to offer at in outstanding price.

10 days of adventure and 9 nights at some of the top ecolodges in Nicaragua starting at $2,600! You won't find a deal like that on Groupon or Expedia...

Here is just some of what you can expect to see and do!
Leon by bike, by bike we can cover more terrain than walking and discover most of Leon's main attractions. Have you kayaked in a secluded wetland forest where only the sounds of nature are heard? This is a great opportunity to let these vessels take us to places where bigger boats can’t go and get a closer look of the abundant bird life, caimans and other fascinating creatures who inhabit the reserve. Not only will we hike the active Cerro Negro Volcano, but we'll also sandboard down for a true rush of adrenaline.
Discover the boiling volcanic mud fields of San Jacinto, a great spot to stand in awe before the forces of nature and meet the curious local children who are keen on selling handmade figurines made fresh from the volcanic mud. In the enchanting forest in Mombacho we will put ourselves on belay and cross over 13 platforms and a hanging bridge, a great opportunity to experience the bird-like sensation of flying over the canopy of the forest.

We can’t miss the Masaya Volcano, one of only two where you can actually drive to crater lip and look inside. Than another solitude wilderness experience by kayaking on the Isletas of Granada, but it won't stay quiet for long as we stop to play with local children at a tiny school in one of the small islands. Join us to discover Ometepe, with its two breathtaking volcanoes (Concepcion and Maderas) and lots of treasures to be discovered: petroglyphs, swimming holes, sandy beaches, and so much more. Our final destination can’t get any better, Morgan’s Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge is a award-winning paradise where we can enjoy white sand beaches, lots of activities from horseback riding, surfing, nocturnal walks, helping farmers perform varied tasks, or you can just relax and swing in your hammock as you read your favorite book and take in the ocean breeze.

Together we can create tons of fun memories, interact with the Nica’s and share our cultures together. We still have some spaces left, but not for long....

Keeping it wild,

Grettel Calderon
Got questions about travel to Nicaragua? Ask me!

PS Our marketing manager will be bringing a ton of camera gear to help capture our adventure and will be providing guests with photos and video from their trip.
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