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The First Step in Family Adventures

Since our children have been born, we’ve traveled. It’s been mostly small things – trips to visit my parents in Lake Tahoe, lots of camping, a road trip from Seattle to Yosemite last summer. We’ve taken them to Hawaii as well, but I’ve been waiting to take them on their first international vacation. I want them to experience somewhere different, but not out of their comfort zone. Somewhere not too far away, but with a good mixture of culture and wildlife. 

Now that they’re 6 and 3.5 I think it’s about time. Why now? Honestly, because my youngest is potty trained. Seriously. Also, because I think they’ll remember it now. Cassie, our 6 year old, went to Puerto Rico when she was 14 months old and she remembers none of it. I want their first trip to be something that they remember with their own heads rather than through the photo book we made on Shutterfly.

So we’re going to take the kids on a trip to Costa Rica. It’s not so far that it takes more than a day to get there, and there are plenty of airlines we can fly. They don’t need any extra vaccines or medications to visit, and I’ve always been amazed at the English skills of the average Costa Rican. I’d love for Cassie and Ben to pick up some Spanish words, but at this point it’s more important to me that they’re part of the conversation. You can also drink the water. Not having to constantly remind the kids not to drink the tap water is key with a preschooler and a kindergartener.

However the real advantage is in what you can see and do when you get there. Costa Rica is like being in a Zoo or a botanical garden. There are trails to waterfalls, butterfly gardens, and lots of monkeys. There are beautiful flowers, leafcutter ants (can’t wait for Ben to see those) and on night hikes, bats and trapdoor spiders. There are colorful birds – toucans and macaws, that both kids will be able to pick out of the rainforest. We can work on their wildlife spotting skills, and their ‘call like a howler monkey’ skills.

I can’t wait! Travel has always been a part of my life, and I’m looking forward to introducing it to our children.

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