The Full Terroir

Kurt Kutay praises Pablo (left) and Izekiel the winemaker (center) for
the full terroir of La Azul wine paired with joyful hospitality and exquisite cuisine.
At bodega La Azul  it occurred to me how much more there is to the full terroir of any wine.  Most bodegas offer tastings along with discussions about the specific characteristics of their wine. But the joy we experienced as I described previously on that night at bodega La Azul was a big part of the full terroir of their wine beyond the physical and practical considerations of cultivar type, soil, climate, vineyard location, planting, trellis system, pruning techniques.

If terroir is considered to be the full ecology of a wine, then other key factors are the cultural and social milieu wherein the whole enterprise of production and consumption takes place. Ezequiel Fadel, Chef Jaime, Pablo and all our friends at La Azul rounded out the full body of the evening to enjoy their wines
A Wildland Adventures wine and gastronomy tour of Argentina  night
to be remembered at Bodega La Azul.
See the video: Pablo introduces our 4 course meal at Bodega La Azul to a delighted Wildland group

Our group of 14 plus our bus driver and local guide could barely fit around crowded table in the back room. In typical Argentine style, it was one big happy family feast cooking, eating and laughing together with wine flowing all evening! By the end of the night there were hugs all around and we all felt the love.

If we are to consider the broader definition of terroir, then for me, the terrior of  La Azul is what most satisfies my palate and my heart because of the way La Azul blends their special grapes and love to share this life of Argentina with guests. It truly enhances their wine!

We also enjoyed our tasting in the fancy cellars of Salentine, but it wasn’t until we had our “picnic” at their vineyard resort where we were staying that the full flavor of Salentine wine came to life in the out of  doors on sofa chairs in the grass under a big tree paired with the meats, fresh hot empanadas, cheeses and olives.

Lunch is served out of doors in the warmth of summer at Salentine Vinyards.
A "picnic" with sofas, tables and chairs under the shade of a large tree
in the summer on a wine and gastronomy tour of Argentina is the best
way to enjoy the full terroir of their wine!

Interested in considering more about "terroir"? Check out this video of John Marks from the University of Nottingham describing more about the rising awareness of terroir.

keeping it wild,

Kurt Kutay
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