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The Good Life: Galapagos in Fall

The Good Life: Galapagos in Fall

Are you not quite ready to give up Summer? Are you craving one last adventure before heading into the Winter months and holiday craziness?

Think about the Galapagos Islands!! The Fall months are a terrific time to travel to Darwin’s Enchanted Islands. The wildlife – while always stellar – is especially endearing from September through November. Penguin couples are courting on Bartolome Island, baby sea lions (NOTHING in the world is more adorable) are widely distributed and inviting you to play snorkel-tag. Fuzzy-headed blue-footed booby chicks are easily seen on Espanola and Isabela Islands, and fur sea lions are in mating season, with the roaring tussels between huge males reminiscent of gladiators in their arena.

November also brings a chance to watch the Giant Waved albatross chicks perfect their soaring flights before the entire population sets off to sea from Espanola. They then remain floating on the thermals from mid-December until their return for mating season in April. You may even have the extraordinary luck of seeing the gigantic whale sharks in the far northern part of the archipelago. The weather during this time period is generally clear and warm, in the mid 70s, and the water is a relatively warm 70* as well. PLUS, most of our preferred luxury yachts are finishing their dry-dock refurbishments just prior to the busy holiday season, so everything is sparkling and ready to be fully appreciated…by YOU. You’re likely to find slightly better prices during this lull before the holiday crush as well…just ask us! NOW is the time for that last spontaneous trip to the Galapagos Islands to end the year right.

Your friendly Galapagos travel expert,

Sherry Howland

Got questions about travel to the Galapagos? I'm here for you, give me a call at 800-345-4453 and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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