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The Joy of Creating Memorable Adventures

The Joy of Creating Memorable Adventures

We routinely receive glowing reviews from our Galapagos travelers, which is not surprising. The Galapagos Islands are on so many “MUST SEE!” lists for very good reasons. One of my favorites comes from a single mom who recently took her 10-year-old daughter to the Galapagos: 

“This trip has inspired me to continue with this type of travel - it was a life time experience. Loved sharing it with my daughter and being able to see her relate and understand and learn - the Family part of the trip was perfect in that regard. On our flight home she talked of doing her 5th grade science project on Ecuador and the equator - that says it all!”

That does “say it all!” If there is any single thing I strive to accomplish as the Galapagos & Ecuador Program Director, it is to assist in inspiring travelers – especially 10-year-old travelers – to learn more about our amazing world, and to carry that forward to their peers. Another pair of grandparents took their 11-year-old grandson to the Galapagos, and had this to say:

“We took the recommendation of friends who had traveled to the Galapagos with Wildland and when we saw 'family trip' we signed up. Our purpose was to take our 11 year old grandson on a trip he would never forget, and we succeeded.”

Sometimes, we here at Wildland Adventures bask in the glow of evaluations that lets us know that we truly did our job here in the office, even before our travelers set foot on their international flights. Here’s a great testament to the team work that we believe sets Wildland apart:

“As might have been evident from our calls, I am a very experienced traveler. Rarely do I use travel agents as most trips I can arrange on my own for lesser cost and greater flexibility. My expectations are very, very high. You and your extended team consistently exceeded them. From our initial interactions, you and your team were on top of the details. And, given that this was a multi-generational trip, there were a number of objectives and agendas that were well orchestrated. Particular discussion items where I thought you were especially insightful were: Discussing the two alternating itineraries in the Galapagos, as well as extension trips, including suggestion to go to the Amazon and highlands.”

But maybe one of my favorite post-trip notes is also one of the most simply written, but deeply felt:

“We wanted to let you know that this was a fantastic adventure, on many levels, and we greatly appreciate all that you did to make it so. We realize that it is really a privilege to visit there, and to be able to do so in the company of remarkably knowledgeable naturalists and guides.”

In a world changing more and more rapidly, with more wilderness and wildlife being lost at an ever-accelerating rate, that “privilege” of travel takes on deeper meaning. It is almost a duty to travel to these places that – if not for public outcry – could conceivably be lost forever. We hope to assist you in experiencing an adventure you will never forget!

Find your own unforgettable Galapagos Family Adventure!

Your friendly Galapagos Guru,

Sherry Howland


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