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The Music of Water | Croatia's Sea Organ


It seems everywhere I turned during my recent trip to the Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, moving water was my soundtrack.The emerald green Soča River of Slovenia arises in the Julian Alps, carving spectacular canyons through limestone karst. The beautiful Ljubljana River, after traveling through underground limestone caverns, flooding the wildlife haven of Ljubljana Marsh, emerges to dissect the gorgeous capital of Ljubljana, creating a quiet symphony for residents and visitors enjoying coffee or wine on nearby terraces.

Lake Skadar in the intriguing country of Montenegro is a vital wildlife habitat, home to over 270 bird species as well as otters, weasels, foxes, wild boar and the occasional wolf. Its other-worldly natural beauty (said to be created by the tears of a forest pixie) is adorned by charming villages and ancient ruins from 13th century Ottoman occupation.

Anyone who has considered travel in Croatia will have heard of Plitvice Lakes National Park, a spectacular series of 16 lakes, connected by countless waterfalls, from the 255' Veliki Slap to hundreds of smaller falls.Nearby Rastoke watermill village features now-abandoned homes built directly over tumbling, misty cascades, to take advantage of their power in turning dozens of watermills to grind grain.

The roar of water tumbling over travertine boulders throughout Paklenica National Park is the accompaniment to hikers as well as rock climbers, finding challenges on numerous routes, including the aptly named Water Song.

But perhaps the greatest acknowledgement of the constant musical presence of water can be found on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, in the village of Zadar, where architect Nikola Bašić has constructed the Sea Organ, a series of marble terraces extending 230' along the shoreline.The interplay of waves and resonant chambers beneath the steps creates a flowing, organic symphony of sound, forever changing with tide, wind, the passing of a ferry…a loving salute to the natural music of the Balkans.  

Watch the video below to see the sea organ in action! To learn more about travel to the Balkans give me a call at 800-345-4453 or read my recent blog eating (and sipping) my way through the Balkans.

Keeping it wild,

Sherry Howland

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Eating (and sipping) my way through the Balkans

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