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The National Parks of Northern Tanzania: The Serengeti


 The Serengeti National Park really needs little introduction. The very name elicits echoes of the Lion King's "Circle of Life" soundtrack, yet this place is so much better than any mere movie. I recently spent over a week just in this park alone and it still wasn't enough. From the endless horizon-to-horizon plains, the bonanza of wildlife, and the expert guides leading the way, the massive Serengeti amazes at every turn!

An ellie grabbing a drink in the Mara River in the northern reaches of the Serengeti.
With luxurious remote camps like Sayari, Namiri Plains and Kubu Kubu or mobile bush camps like Kati Kati or Bologonja Under Canvas, everywhere I stayed I felt immersed in the wild. Grunting wildebeests outside my tent and lion roars carried on the night breeze further added to the wild feel of the place. The endless plains of this vast landscape were formed over millenia of volcanic action and the annual cycle of rain and drought creates a deep ancient rhythm to the place.
A Red-lipped Oxpecker hitching a ride and grabbing a snack on a giraffe.
Perhaps the greatest spectacle is the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra in a yearly clockwise pilgrimage through the park in search of water and better grazing. Your best bet is to see at least two different areas of the park (north central or southern) to maximize your chances of catching part of the migration as well as experiencing the variety of ecosystems and environments. If you miss out on the wildebeests, there's herds of everything so you never feel like you are missing out.
Huge herds of Cape Buffalo.
A herd of Topi on high alert - for good reason!
A young Bat-eared Fox - just waking up for the day.

A gallery of some of the smaller critters of the Serengeti: 

So much wildlife - it's astounding:

Landscapes that seem to go on forever: 

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