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The Real Gift of Travel - Helping an Orphanage in Tanzania


Once in a while a story comes along that sounds like something out of a fairytale and becomes a true inspiration for us all. Before I tell the tale let me give you the backstory.

A few months ago the Whitaker family contacted our Africa Program Director, Jeff Stivers, and asked him to plan a Wildland Adventure to Tanzania over the New Year winter break. The Whitaker's mentioned that their kids like to make a positive local impact when they travel and asked us how they could contribute to one of the local communities they would be visiting. "Help us find out what they really need," they requested from us. After a few calls and a bit of research Jeff discovered a small orphanage called Pambazuko in the town of Mto Wa Mbu that needed some love. Jeff got a hold of the caretaker, Elias, and asked if the Whitaker family could pay them a visit and what our Wildland family could do to help their orphanage family in Tanzania. Elias boldly responded “A van! Right now we have a Chinese motorbike and a bicycle and that's what we use to bring kids to and from the hospital.” So Jeff called up the Whitaker's to tell them what the orphanage needed “… school supplies and extra clothing are always welcome. However, what they asked for is a Van, which would be critical for them to get the kids to school, pick up groceries and also make visits to the hospital," related Jeff. "I realize that’s a tall order, perhaps more than what you were expecting to support the orphanage, but that is what they really need!.”

Now the fairy tale part of the story! The Whitaker family decided they would reach out to their extended family and network of friends to raise the money for the van, pick it up when they land in Tanzania and then deliver the vehicle to the orphanage over the holidays! This generous act of giving at such a direct and personal level inspired all of us at Wildland Adventures to help this cause even further by contributing through the online fundraising campaign the Whitakers have set up. They are close to reaching their goal of raising $5,000. If you’d like to help them reach their goal, you too can support the orphanage by donating on the page they’ve created: http://www.razoo.com/br/causes/Pambazuko-Orphanage-Tanzania 

Fundraising Update: The Whitakers reached thier goal of $5,000 and got a van for the Pambazuko orphanage and will be delivering it on December 28th. Thank you to everyone that contributed. 

Here are some photos of the Pambazuko Orphanage in Tanzania. 

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